Phil and Kay Robertson House

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Phil and Kay Robertson House

Are you interested in knowing about Phil and Kay Roberston’s house? Then you should check out this blog. We are excited to learn about a well-known celebrity house in this blog. However, before we proceed, let’s give a brief overview of Phil and Kay Robertson’s house.

Phil Alexander Robertson

Age 75
Born 24 April 1946
Height 1.8 m
Net Worth $20 Million
Status Married

Marsha Kay Carroway Robertson

Age 74
Born 21 December 1947
Height 1,5 m
Net Worth $20 million
Status Married

Background Information on Phil and Kay Robertson

American television personality Marsha Kay Carroway Robertson was born on December 21, 1947. She rose to fame thanks to her outstanding performance on the Duck Dynasty reality series on A&E. Phil Alexander Robertson, a reality television personality on the hit show Duck Dynasty, was born in America on April 24, 1946. He is a professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander, LLC), and hunter. Also, he appears on the hunting show Duck Commander on the Outdoor Channel.

Phil and Kay Robertson fell in love in their teens and decided to marry soon afterwards. After their marriage in 1966, they welcomed five children and grandchildren into their homes.

So you know them personally. Let us know the complete details of their house.

All about Phil and Kay Robertson House

Phil and Kay Robertson’s house is located in West Monroe, LA. In addition, Wesr Morone is located in Louisiana along the Ouachita River. Their home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, around 2,400 square feet.

They built the house where Phil and Kay Robertson resided with their family in 1960. There are separate garages located on the side of the home. Their kitchen has brilliant features, such as floors and wooden cabinets. 

Here are the highlights of the Kay and Phil House. 

  • When the Duck Dynasty ended, Phil, 75, and Kay, 74, who resides in West Monroe, Louisiana, frequently hosted Duck Dynasty shoots on their expansive ranch.
  • The Sun has unique access to the 7.1 acres on which the former reality stars reside.
  • For $130,000, they acquired a one-acre property plot in June 2006.
  • There is a $109,200 home on the land valued at $109,200.
  • Duck Dynasty’s single-family residence is situated on a separate property. The 196-acre plot of property.
  • Built-in 1960, the 2,468-square-foot residence.
  • The home has two bathrooms and three bedrooms.
  • There is a separate garage attached to the house’s side.
  • The kitchen includes tile floors and wood cabinetry.
  • Leather couches, tile floors, and duck-themed décor can be seen in the living area.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Where is Phill and Kay Robertson House located?

Phill and Kay Robertson’s home address is in West Monroe, Louisiana. 

  1. What kind of land does the Robertson family own?

The Robertson family is a landowner in Monroe County with between 800 and 1,000 acres.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Phil Robertson?

The birthplace of Phil Robertson is Vivian, Louisiana, United States

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