Parker Schnabel House in Alaska (Photos 2023)

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Parker Schnabel is a young man who has been successful in the gold mining industry and now owns his own home. A large and luxurious mansion fit for a king stands at the center of the property. He deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labor since he has worked hard for his money. It is located in a beautiful part of Alaska and provides enough space for Parker and his family to live comfortably.

Born22 July 1994
Height1.75 m
Networth$8 Million
NicknameBig Nugget 

Who is Parker Schnabel? 

American gold miner Parker Schnabel works in the industry. He also appeared in the TV series Gold Rush as a cast member. Parker was born into a long-established family of gold miners. His family owns the Big Nugget Mine. Porcupine Creek, Alaska, is a well-known gold mine. Parker also began mining when he was barely 16 years old. Parker had already extracted over $13 million worth of gold by the time Parker was 24. It has also been noted that he and actor Adam Driver have comparable physical features. Look at the home of Parker Schnabel below.

All about Parker Schnabel’s house?

parker schnabel house pics

The Parker Schnabel House is in Haines, in the northern region of the Alaska Panhandle. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve are nearby, and this community is sparsely populated. The Indians of this region gave the town of Haines its original name, Deish, which means “end of the journey.”

Due to its location atop an abandoned gold mine, Parker Schnabel’s Alaskan home has been a popular issue among his followers since the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush program aired. When Parker Schnabel appeared in the Gold Rush episode, people started hunting for information about his home because it didn’t seem like it did in real life.

The house only has three rooms, despite appearing to have more in the Gold Rush television show. We looked into it more and discovered they had used a set rather than his actual home to depict it in the front because the house and the rooms also seemed slightly different.

Parker Schnabel is accustomed to scorching summers because of this region’s typical dry-summer humid continental climate. Haines is bordered to the south by Mud Bay CDP and to the north by Lutak CDP. It was legally founded in 1910; however, the U.S. Census first listed this place as an unincorporated community in 1900. It was deemed a census-designated place until 2002, when it was disincorporated.

More than 2,000 square feet are devoted to the home’s three bedrooms and two or more baths. The construction of this house took place in 2015. Also, it was situated directly on the lake. The vistas are breathtaking. It features a wood frame and a concrete foundation. The roof is also constructed of aluminum. Whether looking for a fantastic offer on a bundle or even a solo plan, 866 Spectrum is the preferred service provider for most internet, TV, and home service, customers. From every aspect of the house, there are spectacular views of the mountains. Also, the house is situated on more than an acre of private land.

FaQs About Parker’s House

  1. What is the address of Parker Schnabel House?

The reality show star, Parker Schnabel, has a house in Haines, Alaska, covering over 2,000 square feet.

  1. How much area has been covered in Parker house?

The parker’s house has been covered in around 2,000 square feet.

  1. How many rooms are in Parker’s house?

There are 2 bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms.

  1. What nationality does Parker Schnabel own?

He belongs to the wealthiest individuals in America and has American nationality.

mansion parker schnabel house pics
parker schnabel house pics

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