Norstrat Consulting Company- A Generalized Review

Certain Doubts


Creating large-scale infrastructures and projects that work on improvising the overall components of the Northern Strategy is certainly the need of the hour. It can be wisely done by acquiring the right form of professional help from renowned consulting services that work on providing intellectual solutions. 

Norstrat Consulting Inc. has been widely helping clients who have been working with a responsibility to implement possible modules in and around the Northern Strategy in Canada.

Keep reading as we put forward various facts regarding their services and their genuine contribution toward uplifting the true potential of the country in the best possible ways.

Participating and Exploring the Whereabouts of Franklin’s Ships

Back in the year 2014, Norstrat’s President was given the privilege to sail across the North West Passage as a reputed crew member searching for Franklin’s ships. Despite breathtaking challenges, like uncharted water, sea ice, and bringing together different Government goals and constraints in one page, Norstrat Consulting Inc. was highly successful in finding the lost HMS Erebus.

They do believe in the fact that Canada’s Northern Strategy represents the country in a better way to the public and to the people living in it. This kind of vision has let them participate in exciting and challenging programs that together can uplift various components of the country like never before. This particular voyage indeed brought into focus the thirty years old of Arctic systems engineering to real-life experience. 

Valid Expert Support and Advice Custom Designed to Client Needs

Their in-house team of experts has years of experience in providing the right form of strategic advice to go easy with any of your Northern Strategy campaigning plans. Providing subject-based expertise is what lets them stand superior to others. All their team members have the ability to voice out the much-needed set of answers to match any kind of queries raised related to building components in the Northern Strategy.

As a consulting service company, they have been working together on many different Canada Government contracts since the year 2012. Risk management and change management are the vital topics their specialists can lay out based on the kind of projects you have on board.

What Made The Necessity For Norstrat Services?

By now, you must have understood the kind of support and services provided by Norstrat, while the below-mentioned points shall list out the need to have such companies operating in the first place.

Norstrat was created with an ideology to provide valuable help to the private sector as well as the government offices that are said to be providing services in and around the Northern Strategy. They do assist brands and organizations in developing any given area with their team of experts.

There was certainly a need for their rightful aptitude to assist various departments, namely Marketing Communication, Public Affairs, Media Relation, Corporate Communication, and with Research and Intelligence Services.

Hands-On Developing Unique Systems

Today, Norstrart operates with twenty-five employees and has generated revenue of about five million dollars. They have proudly developed two different systems that have been working toward the betterment of the country in every other way.

The oil and gas system, as developed by them, has been letting potential oil companies find gas and oil deposits right under the ocean floors. The underwater search system, as established by them, is a modern and unique search system that relies on the recently developed satellite machines. This particular system shows up in the underwater areas to identify potential resources.

How Can Norstrat Benefit Individuals?

As an individual, you can always get hold of their support services by laying out the projects that you have developed in hand. Norstrat shall counsel, advise, and guide you through the crucial points that are highly required for your company to stay alert and to have a better future.

They do pick out the right set of experts, said to have the required set of knowledge related to the Northern Strategy. Their in-house team of specialists shall look out for your business image, stakeholder involvement, and the possible ways the project can develop areas within Northern Canada. 

Once your project has fulfilled such factors, the best packages shall be created to meet up with your demands and requirements in one way or another.

Other Noteworthy Facts About Norstrat

  • Norstrat, as a company, has helped many clients with appropriately planning their business models and crafting strategies that have indeed let them grow their businesses in a short time. 
  • They have assisted both large and small-scale companies, irrespective of the kind of budget they have in the first instance. 
  • As their main focus relies upon outlining the actions of the government-funded structure, they have now become one of the crucial structures of public health officials. 
  • Lee Carson, the President of Norstrat Consulting, is a long-time respected member of the Aerospace and Defense Community of Canada.


Started by an individual, today the company has been taking forward necessary steps to implement projects as derived by the government and army employees to develop the country. After going public, anyone in search of consulting services can reach Norstrat without any hesitation, as they are the superiors in both book records and word of mouth.

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