Who Is The New Blippi & What Happened To The Original Blippi?

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What Happened To Blippi

In this digital era, every TV show and series has been taken online, and social media has brought new ways of entertainment. A lot of entertainers and artists now use social media and streaming sites to showcase their talent. The same goes for Blippi, and if you haven’t watched his shows yet, you are missing out on something really entertaining.

At the moment, a huge number of kids all over the world are binge-watching Blippi on YouTube. But super observant fans noticed that the person who plays the kids’ entertainer has changed. If you are one who is still unaware and wishes to explore more about both the original and the new actor, then keep reading to find out all about Blippi.

Blippi TV Show

All About Original Blippi – Who is Blippi?

Blippi is Stevin John’s stage name. He creates educational videos on YouTube for kids and is undoubtedly very famous. He is always seen wearing an orange and blue hat, a blue shirt, a bow tie, and orange suspenders in all his videos. Blippi makes videos that are interesting, fun, and knowledgeable as they teach kids new things.

He is famous for his exciting and enthusiastic way of teaching, and many families with young kids know who he is. Blippi began making videos on YouTube in January 2014 to entertain people, and he has become a brand. With many new characters, the Blippi show has been transformed into a TV show series that can be streamed online via YouTube and other platforms.

Stevin John’s Early Life, Career and Net Worth In 2023

Stevin John, our very own “Blippi”, was born on May 27, 1988 in Las Vegas. His real name was Stephen J. Grossman. He was grown and brought up in Ellensburg, Washington, “surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses.” During his childhood days, he wished to become a fighter pilot and a limousine driver. He proposed to his girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham, in 2021, and they are married now.

Stevin John Old Blippi

He has a Goldendoodle named Lyno and a Boxer/Pitbull mix named Lily. Stevin John served as a loadmaster at the 4th Airlift Squadron for the C-17 Globemaster military transport plane in Washington. His job there was to perform the calculations and figure out where to put the cargo so the aeroplane stayed balanced while flying. He decided to discontinue working in the Air Force in 2008.

He came up with the idea of creating Blippi videos after observing his two-year-old nephew watching low-quality videos on YouTube when he returned to Ellenburg. Taking inspiration from famous children’s entertainers and educators like Mr. Rogers, Stevin John wanted to show that Blippi is a fun and educational character who thinks and acts like a kid.

Stevin made the first video on January 27, 2014. He acted as Blippi and did all the filming, editing, and graphics by himself. He also made other things like toys, books, and clothes. One of the toys is the My Buddy Blippi toy, and it can say 15 of Blippi’s famous phrases and sounds. There is also a show called “Blippi’s Treehouse,” which John started in December 2021 on Amazon Kids+. Some people believe that the estimated worth of Blippi is about $75 million.

Stevin John Family Wife

Why Did The Blippi Actor Change?

The first time it was in 2021 that people started to notice the change in the actor playing Blippi instead of Stevin John. They found Claytom Grimm is the new actor whom they already know from the time when the show went on tour around the world. From that time, only the fans started to call him “Blippi from the live show.”

Stevin John and her fiance were soon-to-be parents then. This was the main reason behind Stevin John stepping out of his job and Blippi’s actor change. Yes, he shared the news of him being a “soon-to-be-dad” using his Instagram account in October 2021. He also posted photographs of strips of ultrasound and the couple kissing out of happiness.

All About New Blippi – Who Is The New Blippi?

The man who is now seen in Blippi’s costume is an actor by the name of Clayton Grimm. Many people who are fond of Blippi knew him from the time he acted in the live tours. When Stevin John decided to stop making popular videos, Clayton took his position. Even though some fans were mad at first, and a lot still miss Stevin, a lot of people are watching him.

Clayton Grimm New Blippi

It’s like when another singer replaced the original one in the band Van Halen. Perhaps he wasn’t as talented, but they still made a lot of money selling albums. Until 2021, only Stevin played the role of Blippi, but now the role of this character is also being played by Clayton, and we are pretty sure people will get used to it very soon.

Apart from Blippi, played by Stevin and Clayton, there are quite a few more characters have been added to the show. If you haven’t watched the show yet, we have shared the names of every character below, and you can read that to know more about them.

  • Blippi – Stevin John and Clayton Grimm
  • Meekah – Kaitlin Becker and Cashae Monya
  • Scratch and Patch – Both are puppets

Clayton Grimm’s Early Life, Career and Net Worth In 2023

Clayton Grimm was born on May 10, 1996, in the United States. He is currently a resident of Brooklyn, New York. Clayton attended a high school in his town and passed out in 2015. He was believed to be a very good student who took part in every activity enthusiastically at his school. Then, he went to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts/Strasberg.

It is regarded as one of the best schools of arts in the United States. Later, he passed out from art school at the age of 22, and that was the time his professional career began. We don’t know much about his parents or family because he never talked about them in public, but it is known that he is engaged to Bella Muller.

Clayton Grimm Blippi

Clayton Grimm started his career by working as a translator at Mungioli Theatricals. He is known to speak languages like Spanish and French very well and also is familiar with many other languages. He has also displayed his acting talent in shows like Gross Indecency, The Winter’s Tale, and Interludes in Birdsong. He works for a TV show called “Learn with Blippi” on Netflix.

In 2019, Grimm took over the role of Blippi, replacing the original actor, Stevin John, in the stage show. The audience expressed different reactions to his change of actor. But his happy, lively personality shows that he is a good fit for the original Bippi Character, and he has slowly won over the young audience and their parents.

Clayton Grimm earns about $30,000 US dollars every month through his contract signed with Netflix. By 2024, it’s expected that he will have over $150,000 as his net worth, which is more than the roughly $80,000 he had in 2021. He has a lot of money right now, which lands him in very strong, stable financial conditions.

What Happened To Blippi

What Happened To The Original Blippi?

Nothing has happened to Stevin John, the original Blippi we all remember. He will continue to play as Blippi, but sometimes another actor will fill the space for him. Moonbug released a statement in response to the criticism. They said that “Stevin will still be Blippi, and a new person will be added to act as Blippi on a new YouTube show.”

Lots of people think this is a good thing because it means kids will be able to watch more Blippi shows than before. They think it’s a good time for parents to teach their kids that change happens a lot in life and it’s not always a bad thing. Only time will tell how well the new and old Blippi will be able to keep the viewers hooked up to the show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Blippi Retire?

No, definitely not. The original actor, Stevin John, is still playing the role of Blippi. Another actor, Claytom Grimm, was added just to play the character Blippi sometimes. Both John and Grimm will take turns playing the popular children’s show character on TV. Some parents are unhappy about the change even though both actors are doing a good job.

Clayton Grimm vs Stevin John: Who Is Better?

Clayton is nice. He has taught music and chess to young kids. He acts like Stevin and wears the same flashy clothes, and his show feels a lot like the Blippi shows that our kids love. So, yes, it’s a different Blippi. But it’s hard for kids to tell the difference between dressed-up Santa at the mall and judge who is better amongst the two.

What Happened To The Original Blippi?

Considering the “Blippi” character, both the actors seem to have their own value, but if you are considering social media as a parameter, Stevin is more popular than Clayton. This comes as a fact because John has been playing the role of Blippi for many years, and Clayton was only a stage artist and recently started appearing on TV shows.

How Did Blippi Die?

Blippi is another name for Stevin W. John, who is currently 35 years old. He’s still alive and not dead, so don’t believe the rumours you come across on the internet. Sometimes, another actor named Clayton Grimm played the role of Blippi. Over time, he gained 12. 4 million followers, and many of them see him as being just like Blippi.

How Much Did Blippi Sell For?

Although it is not confirmed according to sources, after getting more than a billion views on his YouTube channel, Stevin John sold the rights of the Blippi program for around $120 million to Moonbug Entertainment, and they bought the Cocomelon channel, too. Right now, the Moonbug group is managing all the entities and programs related to Blippi.

Blippi Latest News

Final Words

The Blippi character that John portrays will always have a special place when we talk about TV shows for kids. With new characters being introduced, the Blippi show is definitely getting a makeover, and we expect them to get a positive side on this one. Only time will tell what the future holds for both new and old Blippi characters.

We have tried to mention every possible piece of information about what happened to the original Blippi, and we hope you now know who the new Blippi is. You can keep visiting the Certain Doubts website, as we will keep this post updated with more information on the show. If you know something, then do share your views on it with us via the comments below.

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