Moonbin Cause of Death – What Happened To Moonbin Astro?

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Moonbin Cause of Death

Moonbin Astro was a rising star working in the Korean entertainment industry. He was an actor, singer, songwriter, and model who was signed by Fantagio. He was well known for his talent, good looks, and hard work. He was an esteemed member of the popular boy band Astro and has also acted in several TV dramas and movies.

He was an artist who passed away at the young age of 25. Moonbin’s death was a great jolt to the K-POP industry and his fans all over the world. In this post, we have shared everything about Moonbin, how he died, and everything else about him. Whether you are his fan or want to know more about him, you must read this post till the end.

Moonbin Cause of Death

Who Was Moonbin?

Moonbin Astro was born on January 26, 1998, in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province of South Korea. He went to Hanlim Multi Art School and learned about dance and music there, Practical Music in particular. He was considered a very good student and won many prizes for showing excellent performance in school competitions throughout his academics.

He was brought up in a family of four members, which included his mom, dad, and a younger sister, Moon Sua, who has also appeared in many shows like “Dancing- High” and “Produce 101” of the K-Pop industry. Moonbin shared a great bond with her sister and had many times mentioned in his interviews that she has always been a great source of encouragement and support to him.

Moonbin’s Sister Has Been A Great Source of Inspiration To Him

In one of his interviews, he stated that his mom was the reason behind him joining this industry. In 2004, Moonbin started working as a child model, ulzzang, and actor. Two years after that, he was in a music video for TVXQ’s “Balloons,” and then he started acting in a South Korean romance TV show called Boys Over Flowers as Kim Bum.

Moon Bin Cause of Death

Moonbin started training at Fantagio (a South Korean entertainment company) when he was in fifth grade. He also took part in the company’s talent development program called “iTeen. “In 2012, he modelled for the “Fantagio iTeen Audition” with Chani and Lee Jaesung. Later, before his official debut with Astro, Moonbin and his fellow group members starred in a web-drama titled “To Be Continued”.

In 2013, he joined a contest hosted by a South Korean pizza company called Mr.Pizza with Cha Eunwoo. That year, he was on a TV show with JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, and Rocky. On January 23, 2015, he became the second trainee to be officially introduced to the Fantagio iTeen Photo Test Cut.

Moonbin’s Debut With Astro, Solo Activities, and Unit Debut

On February 23, 2016, Moonbin started performing as a member of a six-person boy band called ASTRO, and they released their first album, Spring Up. On September 7, 2018, Moonbin was chosen as the host for the first two seasons of The Ultimate Watchlist, with co-hosts Kim Ye Won and members of the group Oh My Girls, Jiho and Arin.

Cause of Death Moonbin

Additionally, he was on the cover of the December 2018 issue of Men’s Health Korea. On January 17, 2019, Moonbin got his first big acting role in the JTBC drama Moments at Eighteen. Later that year, on November 12, 2019, Fantagio said Moonbin would take a break because of his health and would miss promoting their new EP Blue Flame.

Moonbin came back to work with his ASTRO friends on February 14, 2020. Then he got a new job hosting a music show with his group mate Sanha and another singer, Kangmin. After that, he got a lead role in a web drama called The Mermaid Prince and later joined a cooking show called Food Avengers.

On September 14, 2020, Moonbin and Sanha released their first music album as ASTRO’s first sub-unit. Eight days later, they won their first music award on The Show, making them the fastest sub-unit to win. In the same month, Moonbin became a model for Nerdy Cafe, and soon, he gained a lot of followers from around the world.

Moonbin was not in a relationship and was focused on his career. He liked to keep his personal life to himself. However, he had given hints about his ideal type in many interviews. He said he would prefer someone who is kind, has a nice sense of humor, and, above all, is understanding. He also mentioned that he wanted someone who would respect his personal space and not be too clingy.

Moonbin K-Pop Star

How Did Moonbin Die – Moonbin’s Cause of Death Revealed

Moonbin was found dead on 19 April 2023 at his home in the Gangnam District of Seoul. It was Moonbin’s manager who first came to know about his death after he didn’t react to being called up for rehearsals. The matter and the actual cause of death are still being investigated by the police, but it seems like the young artist has ended his life.

Later, according to the autopsy reports and Gangnam Police, there was no evidence of any wrongdoings being found on his body. It was just a day before his death that it was announced that he, along with his fellow member Sanha, was going to give a performance at the Dream Concert in Busan as a duo called Moonbin & Sanha.

Moonbin’s family requested for a private funeral and burial ceremony. All his fans and other artists are shocked and sad about his demise. Moonbin’s passing is a big loss for K-pop fans all over the world. He will always be remembered because he was talented and charming and made a lot of contributions to the music industry.


TV Series/Shows and Web Series of Moon Bin

Moonbin was a very talented actor who left no stone unturned to impress people all around the world with his amazing skills. His drama list includes stories about love, young people, friends, and things faced while growing up. In dramas like “At Eighteen” and “Moments of Eighteen,” Moonbin depicts the joys and struggles that are often faced by teens during their growing age.

While in dramas like “Please Don’t Date Him,” he depicts the complexities of relationships in the digital age, romance is a common theme in the shows Moon Bin has acted in. In the show “Moment of Eighteen,” Moonbin acted as a high school student who experiences love for the first time. In “Please Don’t Date Him,” he acts as a computer expert who makes a smart computer program to help women not go out with bad guys.

Below is a list of Moon Bin’s dramas organized by year.

Moonbin Television Series

2009Boys Over FlowersSo Yi-jung (young)
2019Moment of EighteenJung Oh-je

Moonbin Web Series

2015To be ContinuedHimself
2016My Romantic Some RecipeCameo appearance; episode 6
2017Idol FeverCameo appearance
Sweet RevengeHimselfCameo appearance
2019Soul PlateAngel Muriel
2020The Mermaid PrinceWoo HyukLifetime Korea
The Mermaid Prince: The BeginningChoi Woo Hyuk
2021No Going Back RomanceCameo appearance
Find Me If You CanCameo appearance; episode 6

Moonbin Television Shows

2018–2019The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest TrendCast memberSeason 1–2
2020Food Avengers
2020–2022Show ChampionHostwith Yoon San-ha and Kangmin

The Korean Wave: How It Is Killing The Youth?

Undoubtedly, the Korean Wave has brought a lot of wealth and cultural influence to the country, but on the other side, it has turned out to be very hard on both celebrities and young people. This wave has created unwanted pressure on young people to maintain their looks in a certain expected way that looks pleasing to the world.

This causes many bad things to happen to the body and mind, and there are also problems in the entertainment industry, like overload and exploitation. It is high time now to recognize the impact of the Korean Wave on people. It’s a complicated problem that needs a careful and urgent approach, along with a due focus on the health and happiness of young South Koreans.

Moonbin Note

According to WION News, the Korean Wave is also called Hallyu in many places, and it refers to Korean culture being represented through music, television dramas (K-drama), movies, and more. While beginning in the ’90s, the Korean Wave started making the biggest impact in the early 2000s, and the country’s government has actively supported it.

FAQs Related To Moonbin Death Cause

While we’ve shared everything related to Moonbin and his cause of death, there might be some questions running through your mind. If you are among them, you can read answers to the most commonly asked questions related to him.

Astro Moonbin Cause of Death According To His Family?

According to his family of Moonbin, Moonbin died because of a stroke, but many of his fans do not believe the news to be true. They also mentioned that he was dealing with health issues, including high blood pressure and heart issues, which we noticed during the world tour. After his demise, the family requested privacy during his funeral.

What Happened To Moonbin Suddenly?

The sudden death of Moonbin left his fans, family, and people all over the world in shock and deeply saddened. It is claimed by the higher concerned authorities that he is the one himself who took his life as there was no evidence found of foul play near the spot. After a lot of research done by the experts, it was concluded that he had committed suicide.

Does Moonbin Have A Girlfriend?

Moonbin had not dated anyone before he died, and there’s literally no information available related to his relationship. He was a very focused and career-oriented person. In many interviews, he has said that understanding, kindness, and sensitivity are a few qualities that he said he would prefer to have in his partner.

Moonbin’s Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Moonbin from the band Astro is believed to have between $1 million and $5 million. He made most of his money from being a K-pop star and an actor. Moonbin has been in the entertainment industry for many years and has worked hard to make a name for himself. His Instagram account is managed by an agency, and currently, the account has been marked as “Remembring.”

Moonbin Death

Final Words

Moonbin Astro was a really good K-pop singer and actor who won over thousands of fans all around the world with his great talent and nice personality. He did very well in his career and worked hard to become a big name in entertainment. As of now, he is no longer amongst us but will always be remembered as a remarkable artist the industry could ever have.

We have tried to bring in all the information available related to Moobin, and we hope you now know a lot about him. You can keep visiting the Certain Doubts website, as we will keep this post updated with more information on him. If you know something that we might have missed mentioning, then you can connect with us via the comments below.

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