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Mike Wheeler House location
NicknameMike, Mike Wheeler, Dungeon Master
Date Of Birth 7 April 1971
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with Eleven
Net WorthFinn Wolfard – 4 million USD; Mike Wheeler – unknown 
Height1.55 m

Who is Mike Wheeler?

MikeMicheal Wheeler – is one of the most famous fictional characters in the 21st century. He is the main character in Stranger Things and the group leader. He is bold, clever, attentive and quite emotionally mature. Originally his best friend was Will Byers, who mysteriously goes missing. This sets the scene of the series. 

The series is set in the mysteriously scientific world of the 1980s. By 1986 mic also became a member of the Hellfire Club, dictating a new tangent to the Stranger Things storyline.

Mike Wheeler’s house from Stranger Things is popularly known as the Wheeler House and is popular among viewers. For the 15-year-old, this is the family residence, and several family members share this house with Mike. These people include Karen Wheeler, Ted Wheeler, Nancy Wheeler, and Holly Wheeler. The house pics of his home will help you understand his life a lot better!

Mike Wheeler is a fictional character played by Fin Wolfard. The storyline starts with Mike’s best friend Will Byers disappearing mysteriously. He goes to look for her and instead finds Eleven, a tortured and isolated but intelligent girl who helps them move forward in their journey. He grows extremely close to Eleven and falls in love with her. 

Everything To Know About Mike Wheeler’s House

Mike Wheeler’s house is in Hawkins, Indiana. It is close to Sinclair and Blackburn houses. It is a surprising two-story structure with symmetrical doors and windows. Attached to the central two-story building with a slanted roof or two more rooms on either side with similar symmetric windows. 

The house is simple but strange. A simple pair of stairs lead to the upper floor, where a mirror hangs on the lobby wall. An old-fashioned kitchen is attached to the ground floor. The most famous part of Mike Wheeler’s house is the basement, where he had invited Eleven to stay at the very beginning of their acquaintance. 

The basement has a simple rack, a table, and a chair and gray walls that shine against a dull yellow light. House photos of this place show that it is a normal Indiana home of a well-to-do but not rich family.

FAQs About Mike Wheeler’s Home

1. What is Mike Wheeler’s address?

Mike Wheeler lives at 2530 Piney Wood Lane, Maple Street, Hawkins, Indiana, United States. 

2. What is the name of Mike Wheeler’s house? 

Mike Wheeler’s house is called the Wheeler House.

3. Where does Mike Wheeler live?

Mike Wheeler’s house is in Hawkins, Indiana.

4. When was Mike Wheeler’s house made? 

According to some sources, the Wheeler House was built in 1963.

5. What is the cost of Mike Wheeler’s house?

The approximate value of the wheeler house is 425,000 USD.

6. Is Mike Wheeler gay? 

Mike Wheeler is straight and in love with the girl Eleven. However, Will Byers is gay and fancies Mike. 

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