Migrate your Business Data to the Cloud & Enjoy Many Benefits

Surya Yadav

Running a business is never an easy thing and whether you own a logistics company or a coffee shop, your business generates data on a daily basis. Of course, you could store your business data on the office hard drives, but that is more than a little risky and you can’t afford to lose your critical business data. The solution is to create a secure cloud network which can only be accessed by authorised personnel and is protected by bank-grade cyber-security.

Business management software

Once you have a secure cloud network, using cutting edge software specifically for your sector, you can automate and streamline your business processes. Restaurants, for example, can use recipe management system software to safely store all recipe data, complete with images and video. The network developer can customise features, interface and device compatibility, which keeps all stakeholders on the same page.

Real-time updates

If you upload a report to the cloud, all authorised personnel can access and see any updates, plus notifications will alert relevant parties to the upload or amendment. Real-time updates across the board means everyone has the latest data, which you can access from any location on the planet.

Login from any location

Once you migrate your business data to the cloud, you and all employees can access from any location; every stakeholder is issued with a username and password, which they can change at any time. If, for example, you have a sales team that covers the country, they can access the latest customer data while in the field. Click here to learn more about managed IT services.

Bank grade cyber-security

The developer uses state of the art cyber-security to protect your data, so you don’t have to worry about hackers. They carry out penetrative tests to see if it is possible to breach your defences, which is where ethical hackers come into play. You simply can’t ignore cyber-security in this day and age.

Automatic backup

The remote serves that store your data are set to automatically back up the data every few minutes and that guarantees you won’t have any critical data loss. As your business grows, so does your business data and it is critical to always have backup to eliminate the risk of data loss.

Access permissions

This allows you to control who has access to what data; accounting, sales & marketing, maintenance and support, are all zones you can create to limit the data a user can access. The administrator has full control over permissions, which can be altered at a minute’s notice; new employees are automatically issued with a username and password.

Using the cloud, you can streamline your business processes and you can also automate many processes, which takes the pressure off your employees. If you would like to learn more about cloud data storage, search with Google to find a local managed IT services provider.

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