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Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Kids

Marcelle Provencial has been one of the most popular searched terms around the world. If you are among them, then you have landed on the correct page. While staying away from the internet and social media, Marcelle has become the talk of the town. She is actually the wife of renowned Duke University men’s basketball coach Jon Scheyer, who took over the program in 2021 after the retirement of legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Family

You can read this post till the end as we have shared every possible information about Marcelle Provencial and Jon Scheyer. Since they work in different fields, there is very little information available related to them, and that is why you must read this post, from talking about their first interaction to their career, personal life, social media presence, and more. You will get to know everything about them.

Who Is Marcelle Provencial

Marcelle Provencial was born on September 15, 1987, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and had a happy upbringing nurtured by her parents, Russell and Alberta. She attended the University of North Carolina, where she was a key player on the women’s basketball team that competed intensely against Jon Scheyer’s Duke teams after many years.

Marcelle earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee. She became a certified nurse through her nursing education at FSU and now works as a registered family nurse in Durham, focused on women’s wellness and caring for expecting and new mothers at clinics. According to her profile, she is affiliated with Caldwell UNC Health Care.

Marcelle Provencial Jon Scheyer Wife

Marcelle keeps details of her salary and net worth private, unlike her husband Jon, whose career in basketball is estimated to have earned him $5 million in net worth. Right now, they are living in the city of North Carolina as Marcelle works there with UNC Health, and Jon, on the other hand, is serving as Duke’s head basketball coach.

Duke Basketball Coach Jon Scheyer Wife Early Life & Education

Jon Scheyer was born on August 24, 1987, in Illinois, where he first made a name for himself as a gifted high school basketball talent before joining Duke University’s team. His 2010 senior season was phenomenal – Scheyer was named an All-American First Team player and recorded a triple-double with 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists to lead Duke to the NCAA championship.

After a two-year stint playing basketball overseas in Israel and Spain, Scheyer returned to Duke in 2013, first as a special assistant and later as an associate head coach under his former coach, Mike Krzyzewski. This coaching journey culminated with Scheyer being appointed the Duke head coach in 2021 when Coach K retired after a legendary 42-year career.

Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial

Throughout his basketball travels, Jon’s wife Marcelle has been by his side since their college days – offering spousal support during ups and downs like when he suffered a severe eye injury in 2010. Even today, they can be seen together many times, and she did attend the basketball matches of the teams that are being coached by her husband, Jon Scheyer.

Marcelle Provencial Duke Coach Jon Scheyer Wife Photos & More

While Marcelle keeps her Instagram profile private with just over 700 followers, her husband, Jon Scheyer, shares some glimpses into their family life with his over 64,000 Instagram followers. Photos feature the happy couple beaming at formal events, traveling to exotic destinations, or cheering on Duke basketball with their three young kids.

One heartwarming photo shows Jon grinning as he holds his newborn baby boy, hinting at the joy fatherhood has brought him with Marcelle by his side. Jon also maintains an active Twitter account with nearly 70,000 followers, showing that the famous Duke coach has truly become a celebrity beyond just the college basketball sphere since taking the reins of the program.

Marcelle Provencial

When Did Jon Scheyer Wife Marcelle Meet Him?

Marcelle Provencial first crossed paths with her future husband, Jon Scheyer, while they both attended universities in North Carolina during the late 2000s. Despite attending rival colleges — Marcelle went to UNC Chapel Hill while Jon played basketball for Duke — their initial meeting blossomed into a romantic relationship during their undergrad years.

In fact, Marcelle was on the UNC women’s basketball team, so she competed directly against Jon in the famed rivalry between the Duke and UNC basketball squads. This makes their eventual marriage even more astounding, proving true love can conquer even the deepest collegiate sports rivalry. After dating for many years in college, they got married in 2017.

Marcelle Provencial Instagram, Net Worth & More

As we’ve already told above, Marcelle Provencial keeps a rather low profile when it comes to social media, with a private Instagram account boasting just over 700 followers. This contrasts the fame and public presence of her husband Jon, whose coaching role and former basketball stardom equate to over 64,000 Instagram followers and nearly 70,000 Twitter followers.

Jon Scheyer

While Marcelle prefers to avoid the limelight and maintain privacy, her husband has accumulated some wealth and notoriety in the sports world. Jon Scheyer’s net worth sits at around $5 million thanks to his past basketball salaries and current coaching contract with Duke University, paying nearly $8 million across six seasons.

Marcelle herself has likely earned a healthy nurse’s salary over her decade-plus medical career, but any precise estimation of her individual net worth remains undisclosed to fans and the public. We are awaiting more details about her professional career and employment and will update this post with her approximate net worth very soon, so keep visiting.

FAQs Related To Dr. Marcelle Provencial & Jon Scheyer

While we have covered extensive details on Marcelle Provencial and husband Jon Scheyer’s background, relationship history, and current lives in this blog post, readers may still be curious to learn more. There remains a list of the most popular frequently asked questions about the famous Duke basketball coach’s wife that we have already answered below.

What Is Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Age?

Jon Scheyer was born on August 24, 1987, making him 36 years old as of 2023. His wife Marcelle Provencial is one year older, born on September 15, 1987 — so she recently turned 36 years old as well. The couple seems to lead quite an active lifestyle with their three young kids. Jon heads the Duke basketball program, and Marcelle continues working as a family nurse practitioner.

Is She The Same Physician Marcelle Provencial?

Yes, Jon Scheyer’s wife, Marcelle, is one and the same as the physician and family nurse practitioner named Dr. Marcelle Scheyer (nee Provencial), working in Durham, North Carolina. She is affiliated with Caldwell UNC Health Care, demonstrating that her nursing career has continued advancing in tandem with supporting her husband Jon’s coaching role at Duke University.

How Much Is Jon Scheyer Paid?

As the head coach of the Duke men’s basketball, Jon earns an impressive salary that reflects the revenue the team brings to the university. Reports indicate Duke signed Scheyer to a six-year contract worth about $8 million total when he became head coach in 2021. This equates to an annual salary of around $7-8 million that Duke is more than happy to pay to Scheyer.

Does Jon Scheyer Have A Sister?

Yes, Jon Scheyer has two sisters named Brooke Scheyer and Jenifer Scheyer. While Jon has risen to fame through his basketball talent, his two sisters maintain much more private personal lives. Still, having siblings has likely provided Jon with great family support over the years as he evolved from a college player to a professional athlete and, finally, a coach.

How Many Kids Do Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Have?

Jon and Marcelle have three young children together so far in their marriage. Images shared on Jon’s social media depict the happy family, including two daughters and a baby boy born in the summer of 2022. Balancing the demands of leading the Duke and raising three kids presents challenges, but the Scheyers appear dedicated to thriving both professionally and personally.

Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Kids

Final Words

Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial represent a true 21st-century power couple — succeeding in high-level careers in athletics and healthcare while raising three kids. Their relationship formed unexpectedly despite the Duke-UNC rivalry, but their love and support of one another fueled Jon’s rise to head basketball coach.

Now, with Marcelle’s continuing role as a family nurse and Jon leading Duke to continued success, the Scheyers exemplify hard work paying off both on and off the court. You can keep visiting the Certain Doubuts website, as we will keep this post updated with more information about the two. If you want, you can also share your views with us via the comments below.

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