Jackie Aina’s House: A Tour of Your Favorite Beauty Influencer

Surya Yadav

Jackie Aina is a popular name in the beauty world. With attractive videos and outstanding makeup skills, she became one of the most promising social media influencers in today’s world. As she’s quite famous on the internet, many people want to explore her personal life. Besides her net worth and other things, some people are interested in her property. 

It became a hot topic after she shared a home tour. As per reports, Jackie bought a $6 million mansion. In this article, let’s find out what her house looks like. Moreover, we will also share some crucial facts about her. So, let’s get started.

About Jackie Aina

In simple words, Jackie Aina is one of the most popular beauty influencers. Besides making YouTube videos, she’s also doing other things. According to sources, she was born on 4th August 1987 in Los Angeles, California.

She’s not only a social media influencer. With her excellent skills and dedication, she established herself as an iconic figure in the beauty world. Now, she’s collaborating with top-notch brands and helping women around the world by providing the best beauty tips.

On the other hand, she’s one of the best black creators at this moment. So, you can see that Aina built a loyal fan following. Besides YouTube, she also has an audience on other social networking platforms.

Jackie Aina Career

Even though Aina is successful at this moment, it was not the same during the initial days. That’s the reason why she’s an inspiration for many people. As she was a young black woman, she had to face a lot of challenges while building her career.

As we noted before, she was raised in a Nigerian–American family. Jackie had an interest in the makeup world since childhood as she used to play with her mother’s cosmetics. As per an interview, her parents got divorced while she was at college. After that, she made a brave decision and joined the US Military where she learned some life skills.

Later, she started working at a MAC cosmetic store. Slowly, she built a reputation in the beauty world after working with some high-profile clients. It was the reason why she started her YouTube channel. With full dedication and versatility, she built a huge audience. Now, she’s also establishing herself as an entrepreneur. 

Jackie Aina’s Net Worth

Since she made a name in the makeup world, many of her fans are quite curious about knowing her net worth. However, there is different information on the internet. According to some reliable sources, Aina’s estimated net worth is around $12 million in 2023. 

Besides her influential presence, her dedication and skills played a crucial role in her success. So, you can understand that YouTube isn’t the only source of income for her. She made wealth through her beauty brand. 

On the other hand, the beauty YouTuber has been doing collaborations with several top-notch brands. As she’s an inspiring figure to many people, many top brands are working with her to reach out to a better audience.

About Jackie Aina’s House

Now, you have a clear idea about Jackie Aina’s career and background. However, she stole the media attention after purchasing a luxurious house. Even though it’s not a big deal, many of her fans want to know about her property.

As we noted before, Jackie Aina’s stunning mansion is the reflection of his success. On the other hand, the luxurious house tour gives a message that Jackie has an eye for sophistication. From the spacious living room to the meticulously designed makeup room, everything has a touch of richness. 

If you have watched Aina’s videos, you might know that she’s always open about everything. So, her house gives the same vibe as well. Even though she’s living in a luxurious house, Jackie keeps everything simple which reflects her personality. 

A Tour of Jackie Aina’s Mansion

Aina’s luxurious mansion was built in 2021. And she purchased this stunning property by spending $6 million. Just like the outside, the inside of the house reflects elegance. Jackie’s mansion features a total of six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a movie theater, and a pristine kitchen. 

Besides the interior features, Jackie’s house has a large heated pool and a separate guest house. On the other hand, the property has an outdoor fireplace to enjoy chilly nights. The best part is her house is a perfect balance of modern features and greenery. 

As her mansion is located in a posh neighborhood, the place is highly secured. Even though there can be some security issues, the property is well protected with top-notch security features.  


Whether you want to start a career in the beauty world or want to become a successful entrepreneur, Jackie Aina can be a true inspiration. On the other hand, her luxurious mansion represents her success as she’s practically living in her dreams. If you want to explore more about this inspiring personality, do your research or check her social media.


Q: How much does Jackie Aina’s house cost?

According to reports, Jackie Aina’s current Arcadia mansion costs around $6 million. She’s living alongside big names like James Charles, Nikkie de Jager, Tati Westbrook, and more.

Q: What is Jackie Aina’s net worth?

As per some sources, Jackie Aina’s current estimated net worth is around $12 million. She has various income sources including her YouTube channel, a beauty brand, brand collaborations, events, and more.

Q: Is Jackie Aina famous on social media?

Of course, Jackie Aina is quite famous on social media as she’s been a beauty influencer for so long. She’s available on Instagram at @jackieaina and has over 1.9 million followers. Her YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers.

Q: Does Jackie Aina have a beauty brand?

Jackie Aina is a co-founder of a beauty brand named ‘Forvr Mood’. On the other hand, she worked with some top-rated beauty brands including Too Faced and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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