Introduction to E-Shisha Liquid – Great Insights for a Great Experience

Surya Yadav

Shisha involves smoking flavored tobacco or cannabis using a bowl that is heated to produce smoke or vapor that moves through an attached hose tube to a mouthpiece. It is also called a hookah, and it is purely done for recreational reasons. 

With the evolution of the vaping industry, one can now enjoy e-shisha or e-hookahs, which eliminates the hassles of the conventional device. Instead, they use an efficient electronic mechanism that burns e-shisha liquid. This is one option for vaping flavored tobacco, cannabis, and other substances.

Whether you are a beginner in using shisha or not, you should consider e-shisha. This will lead us to discuss e-shisha liquid, which is the most important factor in determining the experience.

What is E-shisha Liquid?

The consumable liquid in vape devices is called e-liquid. Therefore, e-shisha liquid is liquid containing various ingredients such as PG or VG base, tobacco, flavors, and other ingredients. It is put in an e-hookah and burnt using an electric coil.

When people take a draw from a shisha hookah, the coil burns the e-shisha liquid to produce a vapor that passes through the hose to the mouthpiece. Some e-shisha liquid produces thick clouds while others focus on throat hits and flavors. The choice is yours.

Common E-Shisha Liquid Flavors

Before you can buy the e-shisha liquid, it is best to know the common flavors on the market. Most people prefer the following flavors, making them very trendy:

  • Tobacco – This flavor is still very popular in the vaping industry. It is easy to buy from an online vape shop or health shops near you. 
  • Menthol – Again, this is a popular flavor in the vaping world. Menthol e-shisha liquid is great for newbies and those looking for a flavor with some health benefits such as soothing the nostrils and the throat.
  • Fruit flavor – Many people prefer fruit flavors such as apple, banana, strawberry, orange, lemon, and others to enhance an e-hookah experience.
  • Flower and herbs – Plant-based e-shisha liquid flavors are also very common. They include rose, vanilla, mint, and many others.
  • Candy flavor – If you prefer dairy and sweet flavors, candy, chocolate, milkshakes, and the like are the best shisha liquids for you. 

How to Buy E-Shisha Liquid

The easiest way to buy e-shisha liquid is through online shops. However, you can still find a great variety of these liquids from reputable physical shops all over major towns and cities. It is important that you check the reputation of the brand and seller before buying. 

Top-rated brands are made using high-quality ingredients for a great experience. Be cautious to avoid getting scammed, especially when buying online. 

Furthermore, consider the cost of the e-shisha liquid because this can give you insights into whether the vape juice is legit or not. 


When it comes to buying e-shisha liquid, ensure that you have the best to enjoy a great experience. Now that you have an idea of what e-shisha liquid is and how to buy the trendy flavors, you have no excuse not to enjoy a great shisha experience, especially over the weekend.

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