How to Find a Qualified Disability Attorney

Surya Yadav


While it is possible to file for disability without a lawyer, statistics show that claimants with a representative are much more likely to be approved for benefits.

The most effective method of finding a competent disability lawyer is through referrals from friends or family members who have had a positive experience. You can also find attorneys through online lawyer directories or from legal aid clinics and bar association referral services.


It is crucial to hire a disability attorney who specializes in the particular field of disability law that you require. You may have a Social Security disability claim or seek private disability insurance benefits (like those available through employer-sponsored group policies). If the latter is the case, you must find an attorney who understands the complex laws governing these plans, including ERISA.

A reasonable disability attorney will know the rules of evidence and how to present a case before an administrative law judge. They will also have experience cross-examining vocational experts and proving that a person can’t perform specific jobs because of their disability.

While it is not required to have legal representation for a disability claim, statistics show that people who have lawyers are much more likely to get approved for disability benefits at the hearing level. When you are considering a disability attorney, it is a good idea to ask them about their approval rate at the application and reconsideration levels and their success at the appeals hearing level.


You will work closely with your disability representative for a year or more, so you must find someone you are comfortable with. Some disability firms advertise how many years of combined experience their attorneys have. 

The best way to determine if an attorney is experienced enough is to ask for examples of their previous casework. You may also want to see if they have won any awards or accreditations. This can indicate that they are well-established and have a strong reputation.


Many disability advocates or lawyers will provide free consultations. Visiting the office and meeting the attorney or advocate before hiring them to handle your case is a good idea. During the consultation, consider professionalism and how well you are treated.

While the Social Security disability process can be challenging, hire the best veterans disability attorney with experience helping claimants win their cases is essential. Statistics show that disability applicants with legal representation are much more likely to be approved for benefits at the hearing stage.

Accessibility refers to making products and services available to people with disabilities in ways that allow them to use the product or service with minimal difficulty or without special adaptations. It includes physical adaptations like ramps and braille signage and digital adaptations such as simplified language and consistent layouts on websites.


Disability attorneys and advocates must pass a background check and meet specific minimum requirements to be approved by Social Security to represent claimants. They will know what medical evidence is needed to support a claim and how best to submit it to an administrative law judge. They will also prepare the claimant for their hearing and ensure that irrelevant information is not submitted to the judge.

It’s essential to find a disability attorney who is experienced and passionate about helping others receive the financial assistance they need. Most disability firms will allow you to schedule a free consultation and have staff members answer your questions.

Ask the attorney or advocate about their fees and whether they require an upfront deposit. Some representatives will front these costs for their clients, while others may ask to be reimbursed for these out-of-pocket expenses.

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