How A Helicopter Flew Your Company To Success!

Surya Yadav

Say that you work for a very highly successful company in the heart of downtown Sydney Australia, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and an important financial hub of the Indo-Pacific region. Your company is putting together a really important deal with a foreign concern, we will say it’s located in Japan, just because isn’t it usually? So, it’s fallen on your highly capable shoulders to arrange for transportation and entertainment for your distinguished visitors and hopefully clients to be for several days. Money is no obstacle, you have a very large budget at your disposal because this is the deal of the century and your company is throwing all possible resources at it- no stress, right? They are flying in after the weekend, so what do you plan to do with them to keep them happy and eager to make that deal? Don’t sweat it, we have some ideas for you!

The first thing you need to do is make arrangements with a helicopter charter in Sydney because their dedicated staff and highly professional pilots are about to be your new very best friends! Now, here is how this is all going to go down, or in this case up!

Most high-class companies will send a limousine service to pick up their VIP guests, but instead of being herded off to the street to meet the usual limo ride, you and your honoured guests will be whisked across the tarmac in one of those nifty golf carts to where, much to their happy surprise, their helicopter awaits them! You have made reservations at one of Sydney’s five-star hotels that has its own helipad (don’t worry, there are several) so you land on the hotel roof and simply take the elevator down to the lobby to check in. Imagine the impressed looks on their faces, this is off to a great start, but wait, there’s more!

Once they have rested up it’s time for them to come to the special meet and greet you have arranged for the dinner hour. Your guests gather in the lobby, but no, you don’t lead them out to the curb, it’s back up the elevator to the roof where the helicopter awaits to fly them to a very fancy venue out on the coast! You can bet that when they meet your CEO they will be talking about how impressed they are with the helicopter rides, what a wonderful way to get around, and they got a scenic aerial tour of the city to boot! 

So far so good, but now you are in charge of providing something fun to occupy them for the entire next day. What to do? The answer starts with a “g” and ends with an “f”! The Japanese, especially those in business, are avid golfers, the sport has become a beloved national pastime! The venerable golf and country club that will be hosting your group is located a long drive outside of town, but you know where this is going by now! Back to the roof, onto the helicopter, and off to the golf!

Congratulations on closing that big deal, you have succeeded with flying colours thanks to your new best friend, the helicopter!

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