Step Up Your Style: Your Guide to Buying Skateboarding Shoes 

Surya Yadav

If you’ve ever watched skateboarders glide through the streets, executing gravity-defying tricks, you might wonder what’s so special about their shoes. Well, these aren’t your average sneakers. 

Skateboarding shoes are precision-engineered footwear designed to give skateboarders the grip, control, and durability they need to master their craft.  But with so many options, how do you choose the perfect pair? In this guide, you will learn the right way to choose your very own skateboarding shoes. 

1. Skateboarding Shoe Anatomy

Before you jump into the specifics, start by understanding the basic anatomy of skateboarding shoes. Skate shoes are designed with durability, grip, and board feel in mind. They typically feature:


This is the rubber bottom of the shoe that comes in direct contact with the skateboard. Look for a durable outsole with a good grip pattern.


The layer between the outsole and insole provides impact protection and cushioning. Skate shoes often have a thinner midsole for a better board feel.


The shoe’s upper part is usually made of suede, leather, or synthetic materials for durability. It should offer good support and protection.

2. Grip Matters

Your skateboard shoes need an outsole that provides excellent traction on the grip tape. A grippy outsole ensures better control and prevents slipping off your board. Look for shoes with a vulcanized or cup sole construction, as they are known for their superior grip.

3. Board Feel

When you’re on your skateboard, you want to feel connected to your board. A thinner midsole provides a better board feel, allowing you to sense the board’s movements and respond effectively. Thicker midsoles may offer more cushioning but can compromise your control.

Why the Board Feels Matters

Board feel is like your sixth sense when skateboarding. It’s the connection between your feet and the skateboard deck. When you have an excellent board feel, you can:

Feel the Terrain

You sense every crack, pebble, or imperfection on the road or skatepark surface. This awareness helps you adjust your balance and technique, preventing unexpected wipeouts.

Read Your Board

You’re in tune with how your skateboard responds to your movements. You can tell if it’s leaning slightly, turning, or tilting. This information is crucial for executing tricks with precision.

Enhance Control

With a strong board feel, you can make split-second decisions to maintain control. It’s like having lightning-fast reflexes on your board.

4. Brand and Reputation

Skateboarding has its share of reputable brands known for quality and performance. Brands like Vans, Nike SB Shoes, DC Shoes, Emerica, and Adidas have a long history of producing top-notch skateboarding shoes. While you can explore other brands, these are good starting points for quality footwear.

5. Durability

Skateboarding can be tough on shoes, so durability is crucial. Suede and leather uppers are known for their resilience, while synthetic materials can also offer durability without requiring extensive break-in periods. Pay attention to stitching as well; double or triple stitching in high-wear areas enhances longevity.

6. Ankle Support

Choosing between high-top and low-top skateboarding shoes depends on your ankle support and flexibility preference. High-tops offer more ankle protection but can limit mobility. Low tops provide greater freedom of movement but offer less ankle support. Consider your style and comfort when making this choice.

7. Cushioning

Skateboarding involves landing tricks with impact. Proper cushioning in the midsole and insole can reduce the strain on your feet and joints. Look for shoes with EVA or polyurethane cushioning, as they provide excellent shock absorption.

8. Fit and Sizing

Getting the right fit is non-negotiable. Your shoes should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. It’s a good idea to try on shoes in-store whenever possible. If you’re buying online, check the brand’s sizing chart and read reviews from other skaters to understand how the shoes fit.

9. Style and Aesthetics

Skateboarding isn’t just about performance; it’s also about style and self-expression. Choose shoes that reflect your personality and style preferences. Many skate shoe brands offer various colors and designs so you can find the perfect pair that suits you.

10. Budget Considerations

Quality skateboarding shoes can range from affordable to high-end. It’s essential to strike a balance between price and quality. Remember that investing more in a durable and comfortable pair can save you money in the long run, as they’ll last longer.

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Ride and Find Your Style!

As you wrap up your hunt for the perfect skateboarding shoes, note that just as a painter needs the perfect brush, a skateboarder needs the right shoes. These shoes aren’t just for looks; they’re your key that helps you do awesome tricks on your skateboard. No matter what you’re into, picking the right tools can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your work.

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