George Lucas House – The Skywalker Ranch

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Nickname George 
Date of Birth 14.1.1944
Relationship Status Married 
Net Worth $530 million 
Height 1.68 m 

Who is George Lucas?

George Lucas is a film director in America who is known for having conceived the Indian Jones and Star Wars franchise. He is also the founder of THX, Industrial Light and Magic, LucasArts and Lucasfilm. 

In 2012, Lucasfilm was sold to Walt Disney. George Lucas is considered to be one of the most prominent and successful filmmakers in the world. He has had numerous box office hits to his credit and has been nominated for as many as four academy awards. 

The films that are made and produced by George Lucas are known to be some of the highest-grossing movies in America. Lucas is associated with the New Hollywood movement of the 20th Century. 

Moving on, George Lucas lives in the Skywalker Ranch, a property that is worth 100 million USD. This is a massive estate located in the southern part of San Francisco, and it is a home that Lucas has owned since the year of 1978. 

Bio of George Lucas 

George Lucas made his foray into filmmaking from the year of 1967 after having graduated from the University of Southern California. The movies that he initially made, such as Electronic Labyrinth and THX 1138, received a lot of critical claims but did not prove to be a financial success. 


Lucas faced a lot of trouble producing and creating the Star Wars movie in 1977, but once it was launched, it was extremely well received by the American and global audience and was his first big hit as a filmmaker. The Star War movies, together with the movies made under the Indian Jones franchise, have been regarded as the highest-grossing movies ever in America. 

Everything to Know about George Lucas’s House 

The home typically looks like a property that would belong to a cattle rancher, but it features Victorian-style designs and facades, and many of the rooms of this home are based on Star Wars themes. For instance, one can come across a Yoda statue on this property, while a mission-style building also exists here.

 There is also a fire station which is located on this estate and which is known to provide nearby firefighters in Marinwood with assistance as and when required. The Skywalker ranch is not used as a home as much as a space where music and film production takes place. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about George Lucas 

What is the address of George Lucas? 

The address of George Lucas is Skywalker Ranch – 5858 Lucas Valley Road. 

What is the name of George Lucas’s house? 

The house of George Lucas is known as the Skywalker Ranch. 

Where does George Lucas live? 

George Lucas lives in Marin County, California. 

When was the house of George Lucas made? 

The Skywalker Ranch, owned by George Lucas, was made in the early 20th century and was purchased by him in 1978. 

What is the cost of George Lucas’s house?

The cost of George Lucas’ house is 100 million USD. 

Images of George Lucas’s House

george lucas house tour
george lucas house address
george lucas star wars house


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