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It is no news that dogs enjoy fun activities as much as we humans do. And where you have a very energetic breed, you are sure in for one wild ride. But having fun and being active and entertained is not limited to the energetic breeds alone. Your calm and laid-back pooch can also be encouraged to explore more when you are deliberate with introducing them to fun games and activities. 

In this article, we introduce you to fun dog activities that transcend weather conditions and are perfect for every season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – in no particular order: 

4 Fun Dog Activities for Your Pups

  1. Playing Fetch 

Arguably the most common activity to keep your pup active and also regularly exercised, fetch is a fun game that works to keep your pooch healthy and entertained. Using rubber sticks, Frisbees, appropriately-sided balls, or any other tool you are sure has less tendency to injure your dog, fetch enables you to teach your dog to run after items and retrieve them. To make this game more fun, have your pups play fetch outdoors, as this game is ideal for every season. Also, reward your pups when they correctly fetch whatever toy or object you are playing with. 

  1. Obstacle Courses

A great indoor game for your dogs and ideal in any season, an obstacle course also helps keep your pup exercised. Stack boxes or tape the hallways and have your pup navigate these obstacles without tripping; while increasing the obstacles as they go. This activity sharpens your pup’s ability to jump, run and crouch properly and teaches them the basics of overall agility. To spice this up, have a treat waiting for them at the end of each course. 

  1. Bike or Car Rides

Yes, pups love to bond with their owners and one fun way to achieve this is by going on a ride. Strap your pup to your bike or in the passenger seat of your car and go on an adventure. At some point, give your pup the Hollywood experience and have them hang their heads outside the car window and feel the rush of the wind on their faces. This is a fun way to help them de-stress and experience the world outside of the corners of your home. You may also be able to tackle motion sicknesses with these rides if your pups experience such sicknesses. 

  1. Play dates

Your pups also deserve some time with their fellow mates, and you can help them enjoy the same by arranging some play dates with other hounds in the area or walking them to your local dog park. Such play dates make socializing with other dogs easy and fun and also have some other health benefits, like helping with their separation anxiety. 

While keeping your pup active and entertained, they may be prone to physical injuries, especially when left unsupervised outdoors. And so while your pups are all out having fun running around the park or making dog-likes snow angels in the snow, endeavour to keep them safe by securing them to some ‘paw-some’ personalised dog harness from Pamper Paws. 

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