Features of Pool Table Moving: Everything You Need to Know

Surya Yadav

Pool Tables Offer an Easy and Great Way to Add a Little Excitement and Fun to Your Chicago Home. While Pool Tables Offer Great Memories and Fun Moments, Moving Them to Another Room or a New Home is One of the Most Challenging Tasks.

You can move a pool table on your own. However, doing so can lead to personal injury or damage to the pool table parts, especially if you aren’t an expert. Consider hiring professional pool table movers in Chicago to avoid all these damages and losses.

Professional movers understand all the features involved in pool table moving, which include the following:


The first feature of a pool table moving is disassembling. Pool table movers usually get the necessary tools to help them disassemble the gaming instrument. Pool tables can be broken down into parts with special screws, staples, and bolts, keeping everything intact.

The type of tools used depends on the pool table in question, and the best part is that experts have everything to disassemble any type of pool table. The most common tools are labels, baggies, a staple gun, and a staple remover.

Additional tools are packing tape, a screwdriver, a drill, a wrench, moving tarps, and a large plastic bag, as well as furniture straps. It’s essential to take good care of every disassembling step to ensure proper pool table functioning after transportation.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re relocating your pool table across the country or moving it to the next room; professional pool table movers in Chicago will do it safely. After disassembling, they carefully pack each piece using special cushioning materials, including moving blankets and bubble wraps.

Then, using a moving dolly, each piece arrives in the truck safely, ready for transportation. Each part is secured before transportation to ensure it doesn’t get damaged or shift when being transported.

Setup and Installation

After arriving at your new location, the professional movers unload and set up the pool table. Excellent installation requires leveling performed by a pool table mechanic or expert. Leveling allows for a flat, even playing surface area.

With high-rated pool table movers in Chicago, it’s easy to get professional help to relocate your pool table. Don’t do it yourself! Hire professionals to avoid any damages and injuries in the future.

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