Employee Engagement Revolution: 6 Shortcuts to Ignite Passion at Work

Surya Yadav

Have you noticed a reduction in the quality of the work that your employees produce? If the answer is yes, you need to work on improving employee engagement. If employees stop engaging, their work is naturally going to become worse and worse. Increasing employee engagement is by no means easy though; it is something that takes certain employers years to do.  This post hopes to improve your engagement issues and intends to tell you about six shortcuts that you can use to ignite your passion at work and increase company profits and the quality of the work that your workers produce.

1.     Engagement Surveys

One of the first things you need to do if you are having employee engagement issues is to perform a survey. One of Workhuman’s tips for successful engagement surveys is to carefully craft the questions you are going to include in your survey. These surveys can help you to get a clear idea of what’s going wrong in your workplace and give employees the opportunity to bring up any problems they have with you and your company, enabling you to make changes that are relevant to the lives of your employees.

2.     Increasing Salaries

One of the most effective ways of improving employee engagement is to increase their salaries. Boosting the wages your employees are paid can be very motivational. One of the main reasons that it’s motivational is because by paying them more, you will make them want to hold onto their jobs more. If they lose their jobs, they won’t be earning as much money, and this will impact their lives negatively.

3.     Employee of the Month

Something you can do to improve the performance and engagement of your employees is to introduce an employee of the month scheme. An employee of the month scheme can be very beneficial and can significantly improve how employees perform at work, especially if those who’re awarded employee of the month are given bonuses or salary increases. You can put pictures on a special wall in order to showcase who the employee of the month is at any given time.

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4.     Better Bonuses

What you have to understand is that if your employees are not emotionally invested in your company, they are never going to perform to the fullest. Offering more attractive bonuses can be one highly effective way of getting employees more emotionally invested, for the reasons mentioned in the section related to increasing their salaries.

5.     Offering Mentoring

Offering in-house mentoring to your employees can be another way of boosting their performance. Mentoring services can help employees to feel more emotionally connected and involved in their business. Make sure that the mentors you offer are kind, personable people.

6.     Career Growth

Finally, if employees feel like they have a future in your business, i.e., career growth, they’ll work a lot harder. Make sure that you offer them opportunities beyond their current position. Regularly meet with new employees and hires, too. Meeting and greeting new employees and hires can be very beneficial.

Employee engagement is something that you need to think about. This post’s guidance can help you to get your employees more involved. Make sure that you read through all of it and incorporate the guidance given here.

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