Effective Home Cleaning Solutions for Eliminating Odors in Your Apartment

Surya Yadav

A smelly apartment is the result of several factors. You thought it was a fantastic idea to make a dish using cauliflower,  the wet clothing that you put in the hamper three days earlier and promptly forgot about, and your adorable yet occasionally smelly pet can be the factors of a smelly apartment.  There is really no way to escape whatever the stench could be because apartments are often smaller rooms. Fear not – affordable and simple ways in eliminating unpleasant apartment odors in College-Glen is available through this blog.


When you do deep cleaning, it can be a bit challenging to pinpoint the source of the smell sometimes. Take a few big breaths of fresh air as soon as you go outside. Once an odor is there for a while, it spreads across the area. So take a minute to clear your head, and then enter the building again. Go to the location with the strongest scent and follow it from there.

If the cause is still present, remove it and clean the area where the smell is the worst (the spoiled fruit, the musty gym socks, or whatever it is). You should wipe down the walls and surfaces with a wet towel if your apartment smells like smoke.

If the smell is musty or mildew, you could have a water problem. If so, you must first request maintenance from your landlord to address this issue before your deep cleaning process or before addressing any odor that may still be present. Or if you can’t handle the by yourself, it’s best for you to hire professional cleaners or a maid service in Los Angeles.

After dealing with the source, it’s important to get rid of any odors that are still there using effective and affordable house cleaners.


Your best allies in the battle against odors are the affordable yet effective baking soda and vinegar. If you think the stench is coming from your carpet (particularly if you have a pet), sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and wait for approximately an hour. Enjoy how much fresher your place will smell once you vacuum it. Perhaps the culprits are your running shoes. Add some baking soda there. Open a container of baking soda and place it inside the fridge, if that’s the source of the odor to absorb it.

When deep cleaning, you can also use apple cider vinegar. Pour it down the drain and let it rest for a bit to eliminate the stink if you believe the source is your kitchen sink. Additionally, you may rapidly get rid of food odor by placing a small basin of white vinegar on your kitchen counter. Try adding coffee grinds if you don’t like the smell of vinegar.

You may clean your dishwasher and washing machine with a cup or two of vinegar. To clean the equipment and get rid of odors, pour it into an empty washing machine or the bottom of the dishwasher and run it through a complete cycle.

Over time, your microwave may begin to smell, and food that has been stuck to the inside doesn’t help. Another affordable cleaner will be lemon. Slices of lemon and water should be added to a bowl. After a few minutes in the microwave, carefully (be cautious, it’ll be hot!) remove the bowl. The stuck-on food should now be readily removed by wiping the microwave, and you may breathe in the clean air.

Even after the waste has been taken out, trash cans still smell terrible. Try soaking a piece of bread in white vinegar overnight while storing it in a can.


Once the smell has subsided, use potpourri, an air freshener, scented candles, or an oil diffuser to provide a pleasing perfume to the air. You may use cinnamon sticks as potpourri or even the seasonal custom of oranges and cloves to create a pleasant aroma to your residence if you still like to keep things natural and these are affordable.

It’s great to use essential oil diffusers in your apartment since they not only make the place smell great but also make the air more humid. If you live in a dry environment or simply want your apartment to feel and smell like a spa, this is fantastic.

Once you are all done with your deep cleaning process, open the windows if the weather is beautiful! Airing out your area may be much improved by a little outside air. If it’s too chilly outdoors to open your windows, an air purifier may also be of use. Try creating something that smells pleasant, like fresh bread or gingerbread cookies.

Your apartment should now smell clean and pleasant. You now know the process of eliminating unpleasant apartment odors in College-Glen while baking a sardine soufflé or a cauliflower casserole in the future and your neighbors will likely thank you.

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