Doggy Food – What’s Best?

Surya Yadav


Dogs can definitely be our best friends. They listen, they protect the home, they even want to come on runs with us. Taking care of our dogs, and keeping them healthy starts with the food we feed them. Here are some of the foods we can pop in their doggy bowls, and what goodness and benefits they bring our little buddies.

  1. Raw Dog Food – Different, but let me explain. Dogs haven’t always been fed nice doggy snacks and chewy foods to play with, that’s why raw food throws them back to before we started giving them treats, and they are high in natural nutrients. Premium raw dog food from Pet Shop Boyz is a great place to start, and raw dog food can consist of bones, organs, uncooked meat, and even some fruit and vegetables.
  2. Grain-Free Dog Food – Feeding dogs foods full of grains such as corn, rice, and wheat is not necessarily in tune with what their bodies need. Grain-free dog food can offer a diet high in protein and suits dogs that are allergic to grains.
  3. Wet Dog Food or Canned Food – These are very convenient as dog owners, because with them being stored in cans or pouches, we just pop the lid or open the pouch, and pour in the food. These foods are easily digestible for dogs, leading to fewer digestive system issues hopefully, are more palatable and offer a high level of moisture for your furry friend.
  4. Dehydrated Dog Food – This kind of food is the type you will find in packs and is air-dried. In terms of convenience, they score a ten out of ten, and they are often excellent at retaining nutrients, so keeping them longer won’t take all the goodness out that your dog needs.
  5. Homemade Dog Food – Steak with a potato puree anyone? Ok, maybe not that kind of homemade food, but you get the point. Having absolute control over what your dog eats is a dream, and enables owners to pick and choose what they know is best for their buddy. You can do all of that from the comfort of your kitchen, and know your dog is getting the best food available.

However, you end of feeding your dog, take on board what type of dog you have and their dietary needs. Most importantly, enjoy having your dog, they are the best!

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