Designing Your Poker Sanctuary: Tips For Beginners

Surya Yadav

If you enjoy the game of poker (as countless millions do) you may play in any number of different settings. You could be a casino regular, you could play infrequently at someone’s garage, or you could have a game at your local VFW; the list goes on and on. But if you’re like many others, also millions of untold people, you’d like to have your own poker room.

And while this is usually in your home (and that’s what this article will focus on), many of the suggestions here would also apply to a spare room at an office or workspace, depending on the legalities in your local jurisdiction, and ownership/management approval. The thing is, some people have additional options when they are high up in a private company, own multiple properties, or have regular access to some type of building that can accommodate a game. 

Regardless of where you end up hosting your game, once you get into the design aspect, everything from decorations to themes to poker chip sets needs to be considered.

Choose Your Space Wisely 

As we stated in the opening, it’s most likely your poker room will be in your home. As a result, the likely suspects include dens and basements, garages and large sheds, spare rooms, and in some cases, attics when the proper safety measures and renovations are performed.

Decide on the Design and Décor

This is where your innovation and creativity can come to life. When it comes to themes, your choices are as vast as your imagination. You can decorate your walls with sports memorabilia, pennants, sports page newspaper clippings, or make it feel like a mini stadium. 

You can hang Vegas landscape art and neon pictures of The Strip, play with real casino cards, and plaster old photos of the Rat Pack, Vintage casinos, and other old-time memorabilia. 

Get a Quality Poker Chip Set 

This is a must-have for any poker environment. You don’t want to invite people to play a game where the cheap, plastic, tri-color chips are annoying clicking around every time they’re splashed into the pot. And if you play tournaments, multiple chip colors are a requirement

Comfortable Tables and Chairs 

You don’t want to present your playing companions with a fun and welcoming theme, a really nice poker chip set, and all these other great accessories, and then blow it with a low-quality table and/or uncomfortable chairs. Make sure your table surface is smooth, tear-free, clean, and level. Get chairs that have ergonomic features. Computer gaming chairs are usually good choices.

Finding Joy in Your Sanctuary 

You are about to live a dream most other people just continue to dream about. By creating your own poker room you can design anything you can imagine. From sports to Hollywood to music to Hawaii, your options are limitless. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, this is where you will be hosting friends and guests, providing them with not only a game but a poker experience. 

Whether poker is your true passion or you simply enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship that accompanies a good game, designing it is often the most fun part.

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