Decoding the Digital Dilemma: Navigating the Differences Between Email and eFax

Certain Doubts

Email has been around for years now and can easily transport documents from one person or business to another, so why should you use efaxing for your business? Emailing and efaxing are actually very different, and there are quite a few reasons why sending faxes online may be better for your business. 

Better Security for Documents

For many businesses, security is a priority when sending or receiving documents. Beyond just wanting to protect the data, there may be laws or regulations in place that specify how documents can be transmitted and that they need to be sent using encryption to protect the data. When you partner with mFax, data is always handled securely. Unlike email, this is a way to send documents without worrying about them being intercepted or read by someone other than the intended recipient. 

Message Won’t be Blocked

Emails can end up blocked for numerous different reasons, and when they are, the document might not get to the intended recipient. That can be a huge issue when you’re sending important documents to a person or business, and while there are some ways to prevent it, they don’t always work. With efaxing, this isn’t an issue. Since the efaxes are sent securely through the service, they will reach the intended recipient every time. 

Receive Delivery Reports

If you want to make sure the document is received by the recipient, especially if you know you may need proof it was received, an efax is a much better option. With email, you may not be able to receive a detailed delivery report and can’t prove that the recipient actually received the email because it could have gone into a folder. With an efax, though, you can generate delivery reports for each message sent to ensure it is received by the recipient and that you have a record that it was received. 

Built-In Signature Options

There are built-in signature options available with efaxes that aren’t available with email. With email, it’s not possible to obtain signatures that are legally binding in most cases, as there isn’t a document trail showing who signed the document. This is available for efaxes. If you need to have a signature that’s legally binding, you will want to use an efax service that offers this capability. You’ll be able to show that the document is official and counts as a hard copy following legal guidelines if necessary. More Professional Look

Sending a fax offers a more professional look for your business. It helps to make it look more official and can give off a much better impression to customers or clients compared to sending documents via email. Plus, the customization of messages, security, and more can help put customers or clients at ease when they need to work with you to send or receive documents. 

Though email is convenient, if you need to send or receive documents, especially for a business, efaxing is going to be the better option. There is a lot more you can do with an efax to make sure the documents are secure, legally binding, and received by the intended recipient, so they are the perfect option for all different kinds of business correspondence. Look into a service provider today to learn more about sending or receiving efaxes and why they’re a better option compared to emails.

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