ChargeHubGO+ Review – How Good Is This Power Bank?

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chargehubgo plus review

The smart phone has become a necessity for all of us. Certainly, we need it almost every single minute, from sending and receiving information, to knowing a data, making calculations and making transactions, digitalization has succumbed this world. Of course, turning the flip side of the coin, it has become a boon for each one of us. The ease of use and convenience are two of the most significant merits of it. However, at the same time, running out of battery has become a major head ache among people around. With so many uses of this smart phone, we hardly have any time to spare the device and put it on charge till the time it gets fully recharged. You would never want to keep away your phone just because your battery is empty, and this becomes really annoying when the battery of the smart phone drains out at times of crisis.

Things turn out to be even worse when it comes to travelling. You cannot go without a phone, and in case the battery drains out midway, there’s no use of it any longer. Apart from the merits of a smart phone mentioned above, it also shows us to find our direction, accommodation, make bookings, and what not! Whatsoever, this is where the need of a power bank comes into the picture. Of course, there have been so many varieties of products available in the market, but the ChargeHubGo+ is one of the most trending deals at present. The ChargeHubGo+ is certainly an amazing product available in the market as of now with some really cool features that you would love reading, and most significantly, using!

chargehubgo plus review

All of us are using our phone all throughout the day. More than serving it during our leisure hours, this smart phone has become a necessity for us. Well, plugging it to the charger all throughout the day isn’t a possibility. This ChargeHubGO+ is basically a premium, ultra-slim all in one charger that will serve one’s function, as well as, will fit right within our purse or pocket. Hence, you know that you would never run out of battery. You would always have this power bank along with you. Even if you have charged your battery fully before you are leaving for a trip, this ChargeHubGo+ is going to be an added back up for you. It comes at a really affordable price, such that you are going to love it for its features. The ChargeHubGo+ is one of the best gadgets you could ever own, and in case you have missed out anything about it, read on to know more about it in detail.

Important Things About ChargeHubGo+:

  • Dual Charging System

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It comes with a dual charging system, both cord based and wireless so that you can use it according to your own convenience and preference. It is capable of charging with multiple devices simultaneously which is definitely one of the biggest reasons behind the growing popularity of this device.

  • Smartspeed Technology

It has a patented SmartSpeed technology that allows easy device recognition so that it can identify the available devices nearby and start charging without any delay. It allows you to recognize the required devices at ease so that you can easily access it for power charging. This technology is super amazing and once you start using this device, you will be able to know the reason for its popularity among the masses.

  • Huge Capacity

It has a total capacity of 5000 mAh which is great if you are on a trip. In case you haven’t got a fully charged battery of your smart phone, and on top of that, you aren’t able to find any charge point to recharge your phone’s battery all over again, this power source will suffice your requirement for quite a long time.

  • Supports Type C Chord:

You can use it via type C chord of your phone. The C type chord is readily available with almost every smart phone user, and thus, you can easily choose to connect it with your ChargeHubGO+.

  • The 4 LED lights will indicate the remaining power of the battery.

Yeah, many a time, we ignore the last time when we have recharged the battery. As a result, we do not find it ready during the time we actually need it. The LED lights indicate the remaining battery so that you know when to put it on the charge.

  • It has a plastic body which makes it extremely lightweight.

Carrying a power bank can be really hectic if it is too heavy. However, with the ChargeHubGo+, you will not have this point to complain. It is absolutely lightweight, such that it will slip into your pocket or into your purse. You would not have a reason to mind anymore, carrying this small little gadget along with yourself wherever you go!

  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Since most of the smart phones you use, are either Android or iOS devices, you can certainly give this a try! It is absolutely functional with either of the devices and thus, you will not have to face any challenge opting for the same. Also, it is absolutely compatible with the iPhone 8 models and above. You can also charge other old devices with this ChargeHubGO+ by using the chord or holding it with the USB chord. To name a few, these are the commonly used devices that are compatible with ChargeHubGO+ such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and more.

  • It has a sleek body and a matte finish.

The sleek design and the stunning finish of this device is yet another reason why you think this power hub to be one of your favorite! Your friend is sure to appreciate your choice one extra time all over again every time you take it out from your pocket or purse. Well, this goes for both men and women though!


  • The battery capacity is comparatively low than many other power banks available in the market. Yeah, that’s certainly a downside of this extravagant deal. With so many amazing features available with this device, you might find out that the battery capacity is not up to the mark. Well, you can still consider this to be a choice held aside for you. It would be one of the extra deals that you prefer keeping with you while you already have the other power banks drained out.

How to ensure the functionality of your ChargeHubGO+?

This ChargeHubGO+ comes with a 5000 mAh capacity which make sure that it can charge almost any smartphone or tablet that is available in the market. Apart from that, the ChargeHubGo+ can also charge up to 5 W with a wireless connection. However, even though more and more devices could be charged all at once, it only delays the process of charging. A single device will charge faster otherwise!

How Does ChargeHubGo Plus Work?

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Using the ChargeHubGO+ is absolutely easy and simple. Here’s how you can get it through:

  • At first, you would just need to press the power button that is located at the side of the ChargeHubGO+ device.
  • Once you have pressed the button, you may choose any of the 4 available charging models that are mentioned right there. In case you are opting for the wireless charging facility, you would simply need to align your smart phone’s charging outlet to that of the ChargeHubGo+ indicator. Make sure that your smart phone is laying flat against your product.
  • In general cases, it is said that the ChargeHubGo+ is universal at its best. You may simply use the type C chord of your phone to activate the Smart Speed charging. This provision is meant to charge almost every mobile device and tablet that is currently available in the market.
  • Once you have chosen any of the 4 available charging methods, you will now see the 4 LED indicators that will denote the remaining power battery left in the device. It has got a total battery capacity that is up to 5000 mAh and it is capable of fully charging different devices at different charging times.

Note: It is said that the number of devices that you put on charge altogether at the same time, the slower will be the charging span for each device. Hence, it is ideal if you can get them charged one at a time.

Features to catch your attention:

This ChargeHubGO+ is an ideal partner for you if you are looking for an on-the-go device with the maximum effectivity. This is extremely lightweight and comes with such a stunning design that you would want to carry it along with yourself wherever you go. It fits right into your pocket as well as in your purse, so you don’t have to carry an extra bag along with you just for this! This is indeed a useful device that does not only care about your look and feel, but also makes sure that you find it convenient to use without any hassle. Also, it has got a good power source that will take care of your battery requirement while on the go! It is affordable too, so you need not burn your pocket just to buy this device. With the wireless and chord provision, it becomes a little more extraordinary than any other device of the category. You do not require to move around with that tangle of wires in your bag anymore. Instead, you can easily rely upon both the wired and wireless accesses since iPhone 8 and above usually offer this compatibility to opt for wireless charging provision. Some of the Android devices also come up with this compatibility. Therefore, you need to check the compatibility of your smartphone along with that of the manufacturer’s compatibility criteria.


One of the most important factors to note while deciding your purchase is none other than the price. Certainly, you ought to take care of the price and make sure that the device you are getting or the value received is worth the price you are paying for it. You will be able to fetch a ChargeHubGO+ at a price of $44.99. You may also avail a Buy 2, Get 1 offer at $101.22 and a Buy 3, Get 2 offer at $134.97 with free USA shipping. Hence, it is not a bad deal either! I would definitely suggest you to purchase it right from the official website so that you are able to get hold of the best offers and deals without making any compromise on the price you are paying!

ChargeHubGo+ Overview:

Frequently Asked Questions About ChargeHubGO+:

  • What Is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is basically a process that uses the coiled wire loops around an inductor or a magnet. The electricity tends to pass through this wire and thus, creates an Electromagnetic field which in turn, is maintained around the inductor. The EM field generally has the ability to transfer voltage, and if you want to charge a device, you need to make sure that the device lies within that range of field.

  • How many cords are there with ChargeHubGO+?

ChargeHubGO+ comes with a two built-in charging output cables (1 Type-C and 1 Micro/Lightning™ Reversible Cable). It can simultaneously charge both the Apple devices and Android devices. Each ChargeHubGO+ comes along with a USB to micro-USB cable that is meant for charging your ChargehubGO+. All you need is to plug it directly into your existing USB wall adapter (the standard iPhone / Android wall adapter) or that of the USB port.

  • How long does it take to charge the ChargeHubGO+?

All the phones and devices are different from one another, and they will vary depending on the amount of time each one takes for charging. The ChargeHubGo+ offers an industry leading 5W charge at times of wireless charging. It is usually the same as most of the high-end charging pads.

  • Is ChargeHubGO+ portable?

Yeah, ChargeHubGO+ is absolutely portable and that’s yet another reason for which people seem to love it so much. It is a compact device and you can easily slip it into your purse or in your pocket, and thus, carry it along with yourself anywhere you go!

This small-sized portable wireless charger is astounding in terms of its functionality. It doesn’t only look stunning in terms of design. You can easily fit it into a small amount of space, and the sleek design will give your friends a reason to appreciate your choices every time you pull it out in front of them.

  • Is the ChargeHubGo+ safe to use?

There has been a lot of stories all around about the risks associated with that of wireless charging. This mighty little power bank is absolutely safe to use. There has been no such evidence so far about the safety issues of this ChargeHubGO+. A lot of people with kids at home seem to be worried whether the wireless charging will cause any kind of harm to the children. Well, the answer to this is “No.” ChargeHubGO+ will not interrupt with your charging provisions and safety ideas by any chance.

  • Will ChargeHubGO+ deplete its battery if not in use over a long span of time?

Well, the answer is “Yes!” However, this stands to be true for almost all batteries and power banks. Until and unless you have not plugged it to the power source, it will keep on depleting its battery over a period of time. Therefore, it would have been really great if you are putting this battery in use, for charging different devices. Once the battery is full, it will gradually be a wastage of resource if not in use.

  • Where to buy the ChargeHubGo+?

You can easily purchase this ChargeHubGO+ from the official website. This will make sure that you are able to fetch the genuine deals at the right price. Also, you can avail the exclusive offers that are available right there in order to make sure that you get the absolute value for the price you are paying!

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for an easy to carry and wireless power bank, this is the one for you. Undoubtedly, this is going to be one of the best deals you have ever bought. You might find it a bit challenging to decide which one to pick, but with such amazing offers, I would definitely suggest you to purchase one for yourself, as well as, ask you to go for the bundle offers so that you can gift one each to your friends as well, and they are sure to love receiving it!

Hope this content has been useful to you. We have tried covering all the details for purchasing a ChargeHubGO+, and what makes it different and unique from other products of this category. Hope you like reading it! We would love to hear it back from you!

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