Blaux Portable AC Review – Really Worth The Hype?

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Blaux Portable AC Review

Every season is unique and worth the experience. Sometimes, it's hard to decide whether to love the winter, the summer, or hate them both. During the winter season, the weather gets so chilly that we all grab our blankets. But during the summer, it gets so hot that we push the blankets away and pray for some cool air. That's how unique the seasons are, and all we can do is prepare for them. So, what are your plans for this upcoming summer? Have you thought about the ways to reduce electricity bills while protecting yourself from the heat? The truth is, we all need to prepare for this summer because it’s going to be hotter than usual.  If you don’t want to spend it in misery, sleeplessness, and frustration, this Blaux Portable review is for you. You’ll discover an economical and energy-conserving method of getting the cool air you yearn for during summer. 

I know you’re thinking, "What about my air conditioners”? Are you saying they’re useless or they won’t do the job? Of course, they'll do the job but be ready to pay higher electricity bills all through summer. The Blaux Portable Ac is very affordable, and you can use it without paying higher electricity bills.  Don’t forget how hot it gets in the afternoons and how angry you get because of the heat. That’s why you need this portable and efficient AC in your home and office before the summer gets here. Also, it’s very portable to fit even on a tabletop. News Flash!!!! You can use Blaux Portable even in the kitchen to make cooking an enjoyable experience (although it’s usually not). 

So, let’s make this upcoming summer a season to remember! 

Blaux Portable AC Review

What Is Blaux Portable AC?

This is an efficient and portable air conditioner that filters and cools the air around it. It is a personal cooling unit that can serve you anywhere, no matter the size of your working or sleeping space. The design is impressive, and the features are amazing. The Blaux portable AC serves as both a humidifier and an air cooler. This unit purifies the air around it using an in-built filter technology. Also, it features a fan that contributes to keeping you all cool and comfy. The caster wheels on this unit make it easy to use anywhere. You can just push it to where you want to rest or work, and that's it.

Blaux Portable AC uses a rechargeable battery to ensures a restful sleep during the summer. You can keep it in your kid’s rooms or place it even on the dinner table during launch. It doesn’t need to be in an electric circuit when in use because the battery can last for days. With this portable AC, you don’t have to worry about power outage once you’ve charged it.  Moreover, you can achieve a more energy-efficient living by using this rechargeable cooling unit since it doesn’t consume power. 

Unique Features Of Blaux Portable AC:

Like we said earlier, the Blaux portable AC comes with features that ensure efficiency and optimal performance. Some of the main features include:

Air Filter

Blaux portable AC features a filter and an air-purifying technology that protects the users from dirt and dust. You may not know this, but some airborne germs cause harm to us. Sometimes we wonder the reason for some infections when we’ve taken necessary precautions against such occurrences. The reason is due to the unclean air we breathe that is filled with allergens, dust particles, and pollutants. But with this portable device, you can say goodbye to all those health challenges that infiltrate our system through the air.

Three-Speed Setting

Just like the standard air conditioner, you can control the temperature of your environment while using the Blaux portable AC. It comes with a 3-speed fan setting that allows you to choose the speed rate of the fan. If you're very hot and wants an instant feeling of relief, you can use the highest speed. But if you want to keep your surrounding cool and comfortable, the medium speed is for you. Then, if the weather is not hot yet, but you want to feel the cool air on your skin, the low speed will do the trick. Please note that the speed of the fan affects battery usage. When you use the fan at the highest speed, it will drain the battery faster. But if you select the low or medium speed, the battery lasts longer. So, it all depends on the availability of electricity to recharge the battery after usage. 

Charging Indicator

This portable AC comes with a LED indicator ring that alerts the user of its charging status. The light shows you when the unit is charging and when it’s fully charged. One good thing about this indicator is that you can protect the batteries from early damages. Sometimes, we recharge our devices more than necessary, and in a short time, the batteries won't be active as we expect. But with this feature, you can extend the useful life of your portable AC battery. 

Innovative Cooling Technology

There're many portable ACs on the market, but Blaux Portable is one of a kind. The cooling technology in this unit keeps your surrounding very cool through a thermoelectric process. If you keep it close to your window, the process becomes even faster. Blaux AC will remove the hot air from your room and absorb cool air through the window. That way, you can say goodbye to stuffiness and sweat. This unit takes only 6 minutes to transform a hot 400 sq. feet space into a comfy haven. But if you want to quicken the process, you can assign 1 Blaux portable AC for each member of your family. Well, this is for people living in a really hot environment during the summer.

Refillable Tank

Placing your Blaux portable AC close to the window helps it to work faster. But to ensure optimal performance, this unit has an in-built water tank that you can refill whenever necessary. This 300 ml tank extends the cooling process and keeps the user satisfied always. All you need to do is checking and refilling the tank when the water level drops. The process is not complicated, and it's written clearly in the manual.

Heater & Fan

The growing popularity of the Blaux portable AC is due to the functions it performs despite the compact design. This unit comes with a heater and a fan to generate hot and cool air in each junction. This means that you can use it in the winter and also in the summer. When you need to heat up space around you, the Blaux AC is great for it. If you also want to enjoy the effect of the cool air on your skin, this unit got your back as well. 

Air Filter

This portable AC is not only going to change the temperature of your space; it helps to purify the air you breathe. Blaux Portable AC comes with an air filter that enables it to work as an air purifier.  You can replace the filter when you can to ensure that it doesn't fail. The filter is like the one you have in your car. So, finding it is not hard, and the replacing process is also written in the manual. But it takes a long time before the need arises because the filter lasts very long.

Compact Design & Low Operational Noise

This unit weighs almost nothing, and both the height and width are amazing. You can carry it to any spot you want using the handle. As for the noise, some people ask if the AC makes noise.  They think, keeping it close by may prevent them from sleeping if it’s a noisy device. The answer to that is no! It doesn’t make any noise at all. According to the manual, the Blaux Portable AC noise capacity is 40 decibels only. This number is almost “silence” because a “quiet rural area” produces 30 decibels noise. If you compare it with this AC that has 40 decibels, it means that the unit is almost noiseless. 

Rechargeable Battery

Another feature that makes this unit very unique and efficient is the battery. The 200mAh rechargeable battery takes little time to charge but lasts long afterward. If you want to use the fan for up to 8 hours, you can reduce the speed to the lowest level. Remember, the fan speed determines how long the battery lasts. It's the same for devices that use rechargeable batteries. If you use them at the highest capacity, they expend the battery power faster and vice versa. 

Durable Construction Material

One of the reasons for recommending the Blaux portable AC is that the body is constructed with a sturdy thermoplastic. This material makes the body of the AC very strong to withstand impact. If it accidentally falls off a tabletop, it doesn't crack. Instead, it can only get some marks as a result of the fall. But that doesn't mean you have to hit it on your wall and expect it not to crack (laughs). The point is that you can use it anywhere because the bodywork is sturdy.  

blaux portable ac review

Pros of Blaux Portable AC:

There’re lots of reasons to pick the Blaux AC over all others in the market. One sure thing is that it doesn’t compromise on efficiency. Other amazing advantages include:

  • It is easy to use

The Blaux Portable AC is one simple unit that anyone can use. All it takes is to recharge the battery, and once it's on a full charge, take your AC anywhere and switch it on. Every other process, such as refiling the water tank and changing the air filter, is written in the instructional manual.

  • The AC serves dual purposes

This unit changes the temperature of your surroundings to suit your body needs. It can heat up your space and also cools it down as well. This means that you can use it in the summer and also use it in the winter. It's not like a one-season device that you discard afterward. It serves you all-year-round.

  • The battery lasts long

Once you’ve fully charged the battery, you can decide how long you want it to last. If you use the lowest fan speed, the battery can serve for 8 hours. But if you need maybe 4 hours of cool air or less, you can use the medium or highest fan speed. 

  • Blaux Portable AC conserves energy

If you don’t want your utility bills to hit the roof, this AC got your back. Instead of draining your electricity, it only takes a short time to recharge and serve you as long as you want. That way, you can live an energy-efficient lifestyle and save more, especially during the summer.

  • It comes with replaceable parts

One thing we love about Blaux portable is that you can replace the parts. For instance, if the air filter becomes inefficient, you can get a new one and replace it by yourself. That way, you can use the AC for a long time.  

  • The unit comes with an adjustable grille

Do you know that this AC is not a one-directional unit? It’s not a rigid object that blows air only towards one direction. Blaux Portable AC allows you to direct the airflow anywhere you want. That way, two persons can even take turns enjoying the cool air in different directions.

  • Low-noise and cost-effective

Do you know that even our standard air conditioners can make a little noise depending on the setting? But this small buddy is almost noiseless, meaning that you can keep it close to you and sleep to your heart's content. Also, this unit doesn't eat deep into your pocket. It's very affordable, and budget-friendly yet performs optimally.

Cons of Blaux Portable AC:

  • It doesn’t cool a large space

This is one of the downsides of this portable AC. It doesn’t work as efficiently as the conventional air conditioner. It’s best used as a personal AC that you can keep close to you when you’re feeling hot. 

  • The battery is not too powerful

The Blaux AC comes with a 200mAh battery, which users find small. If the capacity would have been higher, then no one will complain.

  • It's not available in electronic stores

You can't buy this AC outside the manufacturer's website. Many users are not happy about this, but we're hoping that in a short while, it may be easily accessible.

  • The unit doesn't have a programmable thermostat

Due to the absence of this thermostat, you’ll always switch it off yourself. 

How To Use The Blaux Portable AC?

Like I said earlier, this unit is very easy and simple to use. First, there’s no installation process to complete. All you need is to get this unit and recharge it. Once it’s fully charged, take it anywhere in your home or office and enjoy the cool air around you.

While using this unit, always monitor the charging of the battery. Don't allow it to remain in the power outlet when it's fully charged. This will extend the battery life. As for the charging cord, you'll get it with the package. Also, the Blaux Portable AC comes with an icebox that will need your attention. You always need to add ice cubes to the box to enhance the performance of your AC. 

As for adding water to the tank or replacing the air filter when it’s bad, you can find all that in the manual. For that reason, please don’t destroy the manual when you start using the portable AC. One day, you’re going to need it. 

Where to buy the Blaux Portable AC?

As at the time of this Blaux Portable AC review, you can only buy the product on the official website. Although many people are frowning at this, there're lots of advantages to it. First is that you can be sure that your payment details are secure, and your order will be completed without hitches.

Moreover, if you order from the manufacturer, you’ll receive discounts and other customer-related benefits. You can at least be sure that the unit you’ll receive will be what you expect and nothing less. 

One thing to point out is that it costs more to buy 1 unit but costs lesser to buy more than one due to the discount attached to bulk purchases. So, if you’re ready to grab your personal cooling buddy, visit the official website and complete your order. 


The summer is fast approaching, and there's nothing we can do to postpone it. The only thing we can do is to prepare adequately for it. Since we know how hot and uncomfortable we can be from the excess heat, it’s time to get a body-cooling little friend to make our lives happier. 

The Blaux Portable AC is one of a kind. It has amazing features and offers lots of benefits too. One thing we love about this unit is that it doesn’t only keep you cool during the hot afternoons, it reduces your electricity bills and protects you from air impurities. 

Instead of letting out expletives during power outages due to heat, why not place an order for this cooling unit right now to protect yourself. Moreover, after summer, this unit will also keep you warm during the winter seasons.

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