Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers For Adults & Kids

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Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Bible trivia questions and answers have become increasingly popular among people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a great way to test your knowledge of the Bible while also learning more about the stories and teachings within it. Whether you are hosting a Bible study, Sunday school class, or just looking for a fun activity to do with family and friends, you must read this post till the end.

In this post, we have shared some of the hardest bible trivia questions along with their answers that help you learn more about it. Not only this but we have also shared true or false Bible questions that you can ask your friends, and family and have some fun time. So, if you love reading the Bible, then you must read and ask these hard Bible questions to anyone who you think is a master and knows everything about it.

Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

What Does Good Bible Questions For Discussion Mean?

When studying the Bible together, asking thoughtful questions is key to better understanding its meanings and applying its lessons to our lives. Good questions encourage deeper reflection, insight, and respectful dialogue among believers. Also, they are important as they help everyone know more about the Bible than reading itself.

It doesn’t matter if you go with easy bible trivia questions with answers or some hard ones, they are always knowledgeable enough to ask each other. If you’ve read the Bible, then you can always create your own questions but having a helping hand like our website is always beneficial as the questions and answers listed here are closely related to the Bible.

Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers For Adults

For those wishing to test their knowledge of the Bible’s people, places and stories, this section presents a fun challenge. The Bible trivia questions get progressively more difficult and cover the entirety of scripture. While studying such details isn’t required for faith, it can be an engaging way for committed adults to broaden their familiarity with the sacred text.

Bible Trivia Questions For Kids

1. Question – What was the name of King Solomon’s mines, noted for their splendor?
Answer – Ophir

2. Question – Who wrestled all night with Jacob and dislocated his hip?
Answer – An angel/God

3. Question – Where was Jesus when he fasted for 40 days and was tempted by the devil?
Answer – The Judean wilderness

4. Question – Who was the oldest man in the Bible?
Answer – Methuselah at 969 years old

5. Question – What was the age of Ishmael when God heard his cry of thirst in the desert?
Answer – 16 years old

6. Question – How many days did Joshua’s long day account for when the sun stood still?
Answer – About 48 hours

7. Question – Who built the Tabernacle according to God’s instructions to Moses?
Answer – Bezalel and Oholiab

8. Question – Which Old Testament prophet married a promiscuous wife as a symbolic action?
Answer – Hosea

9. Question – What was the occupation of Lydia, an early European convert of Paul?
Answer – Seller of purple fabrics

10. Question – Who killed the giant Goliath with a slingshot?
Answer – David

11. Question – Is Jesus’s sister ever named in the Bible?
Answer – No.

12. Question – How many baskets of leftovers were collected after Jesus fed the 5000?
Answer – 12 baskets

13. Question – Whose birth did the angel Gabriel foretell to Mary and Zechariah?
Answer – Jesus and John the Baptist

14. Question – Who commanded a resurrected man to raise Dorcas from the dead?
Answer – Peter

15. Question – Which feast celebrates God’s provision for Jews escaping Egypt?
Answer – Passover

16. Question – What woman in Jesus’ lineage had five husbands?
Answer – The Samaritan woman at the well

17. Question – Which book of the Bible focuses on God’s faithfulness during exile?
Answer – Daniel

18. Question – Where was Paul on the road when he encountered a bright light and Jesus?
Answer – Damascus

19. Question – Who was promised a son named Ishmael to be born of Hagar?
Answer – Abraham

20. Question – What happened when Jesus went into the wilderness?
Answer – He was tempted by Satan.

Bible Trivia Questions For Adults

Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers Multiple Choice

Taking the Bible trivia questions to the next level, this section asks tough questions designed to truly tax even seasoned Bible scholars. With multiple-choice options, the questions probe how well participants can recall the details and remember inferences drawn from between the lines. Acing these challenges may help satisfy an intellectual curiosity in scripture.

1. Question – Which of these men was NOT an apostle?
a) Bartholomew
b) Mark
c) Matthias
Answer – Mark

2. Question – Who betrayed Samson by cutting his hair and removing his strength?
a) Delilah
b) Ruth
c) Eve
Answer – Delilah

3. Question – Who was Noah’s youngest son?
a) Ham
b) Shem
c) Japheth
Answer – Japheth

4. Question – What food did Esau trade his birthright for?
a) Stew
b) Bread
c) Wine
Answer – Stew

5. Question – Who was Moses’ sister?
a) Mary
b) Martha
c) Miriam
Answer – Miriam

6. Question – Which disciple walked on water with Jesus?
a) Peter
b) John
c) James
Answer – Peter

7. Question – Whom did God ask to sacrifice his son Isaac?
a) Moses
b) Abraham
c) Jacob
Answer – Abraham

8. Question – How many days and nights was Jonah inside the whale?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 40
Answer – 3

9. Question – How many baskets of leftovers were collected after Jesus fed the 5000?
a) 5 baskets
b) 12 baskets
c) 7 baskets
Answer – 12 baskets

10. Question – Which tribe of Israel was King Saul from?
a) Judah
b) Benjamin
c) Manasseh
Answer – Benjamin

Easy Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

11. Question – What are the first four books of the New Testament called?
a) The Major Prophets
b) The Synoptic Gospels
c) The Acts of Jerusalem
Answer – The Synoptic Gospels

12. Question – When Jesus called him, what was Matthew doing?
a) Fishing
b) Collecting taxes
c) Praying in the temple
Answer – Collecting taxes

13. Question – Which church was sent the book of Revelation?
a) Corinth
b) Ephesus
c) Philippi
Answer – Ephesus

14. Question – Who was King Solomon’s mother?
a) Sarah
b) Bathsheba
c) Deborah
Answer – Bathsheba

15. Question – Who asked Pilate for Jesus’ body after the crucifixion?
a) Peter
b) Joseph of Arimathea
c) Nicodemus
Answer – Joseph of Arimathea

16. Question – What was Paul’s occupation?
a) Fisherman
b) Tax collector
c) Tentmaker
Answer – Tentmaker

17. Question – Whose eyes were opened by Jesus to heal his blindness?
a) Joseph
b) Bartimaeus
c) Lazarus
Answer – Bartimaeus

18. Question – Which Old Testament prophet predicted Jesus’ birthplace 700 years before his birth?
a) Daniel
b) Micah
c) Isaiah
Answer – Micah

19. Question – Who denied knowing Jesus three times after his arrest?
a) Andrew
b) Simon Peter
c) James
Answer – Simon Peter

20. Question – How old was the Biblical figure Methuselah?
a) 969
b) 88
c) 622
d) 369
Answer – 969

Bible Trivia Questions and Answers Multiple Choice

Funny Bible Trivia Questions For Kids

If you are not someone who likes hard bible trivia questions and answers new testament, then this section is for you. This section aims to make discovering Bible facts entertaining for children. The humorous questions bring a smile while reinforcing what kids are learning. It’s a fun way for families to bond over their shared faith during trips, quiet evenings or any time in need of friendly competition and laughter.

1. Question – What kind of fruit did Eve eat in the Garden of Eden?
Answer – She ate from the forbidden fruit tree, likely an apple or fig!

2. Question – Why couldn’t Jonah easily escape from the whale?
Answer – Because he was trapped inside the smelly belly of the whale when he was swallowed!

3. Question – Why do you think God chose a slingshot as David’s weapon against Goliath?
Answer – Because using a child’s weapon showed God’s power when little David defeated the giant!

4. Question – Why did the Israelites march around Jericho’s walls 7 times?
Answer – To follow God’s funny strategy for knocking down the city walls!

5. Question – What’s the tastiest thing to take when you time travel back to Bible times?
Answer – Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – no one had those back then!

6. Question – If Peter walked on water, what do you think he used to avoid sinking?
Answer – Probably faith and focus on Jesus, not puddle floaties!

7. Question – Why couldn’t anyone copy Moses’ magic staff trick?
Answer – Only Moses had God’s power to turn the staff into a snake!

8. Question – Why did God confuse the languages at the Tower of Babel?
Answer – Because He wanted people to spread out across the whole earth, not just stay in one place!

9. Question – Why did the priests think Samson had lost his strength?
Answer – Because his long hair was cut off, they didn’t know it was the source of his power!

10. Question – What monster lived in the wilderness where Jesus fasted for 40 days?
Answer – The scary, hungry TEMPTATION monster!

11. Question – What monster do you think swallowed Jonah?
Answer – A giant squid or sharktopus! So scary!

12. Question – How do you think Noah passed the time stuck on a boat full of animals?
Answer – Played endless card games and Pokemon with his family!

13. Question – Why was Goliath so tough for the Israelite soldiers to defeat?
Answer – His giant size, heavy armor and huge spear scared them silly!

14. Question – How do you think Moses stretched his staff over the whole Red Sea?
Answer – God gave him an extendable pointer stick!

15. Question – What phone app do you think Moses used to navigate the desert wilderness wanderings?
Answer – Google Maps in the sand!

16. Question – What did Jonah eat while stuck inside the whale?
Answer – Smelly fish crackers because he was surrounded by stinky fish guts! Gross!

17. Question – Why did God pick smelly shepherds to visit baby Jesus?
Answer – To show Jesus came for everyone, no matter how stinky!

18. Question – What food ran out during the prodigal son’s famine adventure?
Answer – His bacon and ice cream!

19. Question – What talent show games took place when Saul first met David?
Answer – Spear throwing and epic harp playing!

Funny Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Hard Bible Trivia Questions For Youth

As young minds develop their knowledge and character, this Bible trivia questions section offers mentally stimulating trivia to engage Christian youth. The challenging questions encourage deeper engagement with scripture in a way that feels relevant to teenagers. Success may help nourish their continuing spiritual formation and by asking/answering these questions, one can gain a lot of knowledge of the Bible.

1. Question – What were the names of Jesus’ earthly brothers mentioned in Scripture?
Answer – James, Joseph, Simon and Judas

2. Question – Whom did God deny from entering the Promised Land for a lack of courage?
Answer – Moses

3. Question – In Jesus’ parable, what did the prodigal son squander his inheritance on?
Answer – Wild living with parties

4. Question – Who appeared with Moses and Elijah at Jesus’ transfiguration?
Answer – Elijah

5. Question – What was the occupation of Lydia, an early European convert of Paul?
Answer – Seller of purple fabrics

6. Question – How many days and nights of stormy seas did Paul face after leaving Crete?
Answer – 14 days and nights

7. Question – What object lesson did Jesus use to teach His disciples to “feed His sheep”?
Answer – Having them haul in a net full of 153 fish

8. Question – Whom did Jesus raise from the dead at Nain out of compassion for her weeping mother?
Answer – The widow’s son

9. Question – How old was Jesus when his parents lost him on their trip to Jerusalem?
Answer – 12 years old

10. Question – What replaced Judas as the 12th apostle after his betrayal of Jesus?
Answer – Matthias

11. Question – In what sin did Achan partake, causing defeat in Ai after Jericho’s conquest?
Answer – He secretly kept forbidden loot from Jericho

12. Question – Whose example of radical grace caused Jonah to resent his calling from God?
Answer – The people of Nineveh, Israel’s enemies

13. Question – What was the name of the slave girl whose repeated testimony drove Paul to cast a spirit out of her?
Answer – The slave girl who had a spirit of divination

14. Question – Where did Joseph and Mary realize Jesus was not with their group on the trip home?
Answer – After one day’s travel on the road

Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

15. Question – What did Jacob use to influence the patterns of Laban’s flock to his advantage?
Answer – Peeling back certain branches to induce striped offspring

16. Question – Whom did Boaz marry, preserving her family inheritance as kinsman-redeemer?
Answer – Ruth

17. Question – Why were Adam and Eve banned from the Garden of Eden?
Answer – For eating the forbidden fruit after being tempted

18. Question – For how many days did Joshua lead the Israelites around Jericho’s walls?
Answer – Seven days

19. Question – Who was thrown into a lions’ den but miraculously survived?
Answer – Daniel

20. Question – Which Old Testament book tells the stories of Esther and Mordecai?
Answer – The book of Esther

21. Question – Why did God prefer Abel’s offering but reject Cain’s offering?
Answer – Because Abel brought the best of his flock but Cain just brought some fruits

22. Question – Why did Abraham lie and say Sarah was his sister?
Answer – He feared he would be killed if a ruler wanted to marry Sarah

23. Question – Who did God use to free the enslaved Hebrews from Egypt?
Answer – Moses, through 10 plagues

24. Question – Who was told he would betray Jesus three times before the rooster crowed?
Answer – Peter

Final Words

May the Bible trivia questions shared here draw all readers – young and old – into a closer relationship with God by gaining insights from carefully studying his sacred gift of scripture, the Bible. While there can be countless questions and answers that can be made out of the bible, we have tried to mention only the best and most knowledgeable ones.

Do try to answer each question listed above and see how much you know the Bible. You can keep visiting the Certain Doubts website as we will keep this post updated with more such questions and answers. If you know some trivia questions and answers related to the Bible and you think they can be interesting to the audience, then do let us know about them via the comments below.

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