Best cheap FAMAS skins in CS2

Surya Yadav

In the dynamic world of Counter-Strike, where competition is fierce, skins can add a unique aesthetic touch to your weapon arsenal. Specifically, if you are looking to buy FAMAS skins, this article will guide you to some of the best cheap FAMAS skins available at reasonable prices.

1. Introduction to FAMAS Skins

FAMAS, a versatile assault rifle in the game, boasts a wide array of skins to choose from. The designs range from solid colors to intricate designs, and from vintage to the latest. Let’s dive into the most economical FAMAS skins you can acquire!

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2. FAMAS | Colony (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Colony skin, from the Italy Collection 2013, is a classic. Its monochrome green design is a testament to its age. The skin is abundantly available, with approximately 8.5 million instances.

Available for: $0.01

3. FAMAS | Meow 36 (Field-Tested)

Contrasting its predecessor, the FAMAS | Meow 36 is a recent addition to the game, introduced in the Recoil Case of July 2022. Its shiny green base, coupled with a prominent “36”, gives it a trendy look. Despite being a recent addition, it has already seen over a million instances.

Available for: $0.04

4. FAMAS | Cyanospatter (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Cyanospatter, as the name suggests, features a unique cyan, white, and grey spattered design. It hails from the Lake Collection of November 2013 and has approximately 3 million instances.

Available for: $0.03

5. FAMAS | Decommissioned (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Decommissioned skin is a tribute to the 20-year history of Counter-Strike. It was launched as a part of the CS20 case in October 2019 and has about 1.2 million instances.

Available for: $0.12

6. FAMAS | Crypsis (Field-Tested)

This skin, introduced in the Prisma Case of March 2019, features autumn-themed leaf-like insects. With almost 2 million instances, the FAMAS | Crypsis marks its unique presence among the best cheap FAMAS skins.

Available for: $0.10

7. FAMAS | Survivor Z (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Survivor Z skin is a gray base skin with red lines and claw marks. It was introduced in the Shadow Case of September 2015 and perfectly fits the skin’s eerie theme.

Available for: $0.12

8. FAMAS | Faulty Wiring (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Faulty Wiring, added to CS:GO in September 2021 as a part of the Vertigo Collection, is a gray rarity skin. It features a detailed wiring design and has approximately 260,000 instances.

Available for: $0.31

9. FAMAS | Teardown (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Teardown skin, released in the Safehouse Collection of November 2013, features a black base with a red and blue striped mesh design. It has about 1.13 million instances.

Available for: $0.20

10. FAMAS | Neural Net (Field-Tested)

The FAMAS | Neural Net, a Restricted skin from the Falchion Case of May 2015, features a yellow base with random geometric shapes. It has approximately 500,000 instances.

Available for: $0.46


When you buy FAMAS skins, consider these options for a cost-effective yet stylish upgrade to your arsenal. Do visit us for more similar articles and follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated. Enjoy gaming!

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