AirBolt Smart Lock Review – How Good Is This Modern Era Lock?

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AirBolt Smart Lock Review

The first and foremost thing that you tend to keep staring about when you are on a trip is none other than the luggage that you carry along with yourself. it is quite obvious for you to worry about your valuables but at the same time you should not let this stress hinder the fun of your trip. The same went for me as well until and unless I came to know about this wonderful innovation of the AirBolt smart lock. Unlike any other lock that could be easily broken down by the bag pickers, you do need to think the same with this AirBolt smart lock. This Bluetooth enabled smart lock is here to sort out your worries in just no time. It does not belong to the ancient era, but is rather more focused on the functionality of the present day. This smart lock is here to provide the best access to you, no matter if you are on a vacation to a trip to some distant place, or is planning to relax yourself in a pool or in the gym.

What is that one thing that keeps on going inside your head every time you are on a trip? Without a doubt, it’s none other than your AirBolt Smart Lock that will offer the utmost safety to your luggage. The best thing about this lock is that you will not have to stress yourself about keeping that key safely with yourself unlike the ones from that traditional or ancient era. It comes with some stunning features that in turn, makes it such a great choice among the customers. One of the major reasons that makes smart lock different from others is the way it operates. You do not need to bang your head anymore thinking about the combination of the lock, or tucking a key safely along with you all the time and living in a fear of losing it somewhere or the other.

AirBolt Smart Lock Review

How Does AirBolt Smart Lock Work?

The mechanism of AirBolt smart lock is pretty simple and easy. Once you pair up the Bluetooth of your device with that of the lock, things become easier than ever! This AirBolt smart lock thus, becomes capable of identifying the original owner of the lock and thus, work accordingly at the time of unlocking your luggage.

You can even set an alarm to your lock based on your proximity of the smart phone in accordance to the luggage you are being stressed about! This feature is really helpful so that you receive a notification in case someone is trying to lift your luggage or try stealing.

To highlight more on the working module of the AirBolt smart lock, all that I would not skip saying is that this smart lock relieves you from the hassle of carrying the keys which you would otherwise have to do in case of the traditional locks. You already have a key for your car, and for your house. Why increase its load with another one for your luggage? This AirBolt smart key helps you to access the lock of your luggage with the help of Bluetooth pairing of your Android or iOS smart phone. You can easily unlock your luggage with this amazing accessibility without any trouble. You may choose to unlock your bags with the smart phone, as well as set a separate PIN code to do so when the phone is not near you.

This AirBolt smart lock comes with a mandatory companion application which makes it easier to access the lock. You need not be a tech freak in order to avail its usage. It works really simple and thus, make it simple for you to keep a track of the luggage you own, while you are on a tour. It is certainly a compulsion to have this app with you which is Bluetooth enabled, and is connected from your device to that of your smart phone.

Unique Features Of AirBolt Smart Lock Work:

  • You do not need to memorize the combination of keys anymore.

Yeah, indeed this is one of the greatest reasons that has been contributing towards the popularity of this smart lock. No matter how good you are in keeping those keys safely tucked along with you while on a trip, or is remembering the combination to unlock, this AirBolt smart lock is the best one to help you get rid of all such hassle. What if you forget the combination or end up losing the keys? You do not need to preserve the contacts of any locksmith or a bolt cutter just to help you access the belongings you have had with yourself. Therefore, this smart lock will give you a release from all these thoughts, thereby allowing you to secure your valuables with the state of the art technology.

  • It is a technologically advanced lock system that could be accessed right from your smart phone.

Just as you do not forget to take your smart phone along with yourself wherever you go, this AirBolt smart lock allows you an easy access at all places. All you need is to link it to your smart phone, and you can easily unlock your luggage at any place and at any time you want! The best thing about this lock is that it will not annoy you like those traditional locks. If you are just carrying your smart phone along with yourself either in your purse or in your pocket, you can easily get the rest of the job done. The people of Melbourne, Australia were extremely disappointed with the hassle of remembering the combination of locks and carrying the keys every time they went somewhere, and that’s yet another reason why they came up with this new innovation.

  • You use your Bluetooth connectivity and just the smartphone to access and unlock.

You usually have the Bluetooth enabled provision in your smart phone as that’s one of the basic features that these devices come up with, so you do not require investing in a high-tech device either! Besides, a lot of people might think that operating this AirBolt smart lock urges you to be a tech freak. However, that’s not the case with it! Even if you are just a noob in operating the smart phone, you can easily handle this feature and use it for your device. So, in case you are still wondering whether or not you can give this device to your parents or any elderly members of the family, you need not hesitant about it anymore. This has a really smooth accessibility that is super easy to handle, and anyone can do it in just no time. Trust me, once your family members get used to it, they would probably go for a vacation every alternate months!

  • It also has a small footprint that is held in a zinc die-cast body.

Yeah, this is certainly one of the biggest merits of this AirBolt smart lock. You can easily track your luggage with the help of this feature. Besides, the zinc die-cast body does not only enhance the look and feel of the lock unlike those of the traditional locks, but at the same time, it assures you of the safety of your luggage. It features a braided stainless steel cable with a zinc die-cast body. This also gives you the understanding of the durability of the lock. Not just that this AirBolt smart lock is known for its features, but at the same time, it comes with some wonderful characteristics that make it a ‘no-substitute’ to compromises.

  • You can even add a backup code to the AirBolt lock for phoneless access.

This is yet another interesting feature of the AirBolt smart lock. This device allows you the provision to set a backup so that you can access your luggage even without a phone. It simply means that you have dual ways to decode the access of your belongings. it is indeed great if you can carry the smartphone along with you and then want to access the lock with the Bluetooth connectivity that you have set. However, in case you are not caring the smartphone at that point of time and yet want to access the luggage, there could be no greater solution for you other than this! Hence, you can easily access the lock without your smart phone by simply entering the combination. In a nutshell, this smart lock works exactly according to your requirement and how you want it to work like!

  • It is compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

You do not need to change your smart phone just because you want it to access your luggage. This AirBolt smart lock is easily compatible with both the Android and iOS device, so no matter what you own, this would work with both of them. A lot of people think that they would probably need to change their device just because they are looking forward to access this lock. That’s not the case with AirBolt Smart Lock though! It is so compatible that no matter which hand set you have been using, this is going to work out with both of them without any hassle.

  • You can avail a security PIN code to secure your lock from unauthorized access.

It offers such a thought-out mechanism that it takes care of all the redundancy measures. It is well encrypted such that even if the thief is so smart that he gets an access to both your luggage as well as steals away your smart phone too. However, this AirBolt smart lock makes sure that you can avail a separate code to prevent your luggage from unauthorized access. All these features together make this device such a popular one among the masses. It takes care of your A to Z security without making any compromise to your requirements and your safety concerns. In case you have lost your smart phone or left it somewhere, you can still access your luggage simply by borrowing your friend’s smart phone. All you need is to enter the credentials and login properly. Once you do it, you have a complete access to your luggage even without your own smart phone. Just make sure that you aren’t sharing the data with anyone and everyone to prevent yourself from being bullied around for your own foolish reasons.

  • It is TSA approved.

The AirBolt smart lock is compliant with the TSA standards which means you can travel with it anywhere. In several countries where TSA regulations are not followed, you can revoke access to the lock remotely over there. This simply means that your luggage remains safe, along with the fact that you may choose to give an access to the airport representatives so that they can unlock your bag without causing any kind of hazard to your belongings. This access is available with them by using the TSA master keys. Since this lock is growing its market share, it has become deliberately important for the company to ramp its license really soon. Although the staff members are permissible to access your luggage and check what’s inside for better security provisions, you as a user will also get the access to check the last login detail of your luggage so that you can at least learn the last hour when your contents were accessed by someone.


The occasional signal interference slows down the functionality of the application. This is just a small con, although it does not make much difference to the productivity of the lock by any chance.

AirBolt Smart Lock Overview:

AirBolt Smart Lock Review In Brief: 

The AirBolt Smart Lock offers an exceptional security with LED indicators and a proximity sensing alarm system for secure utility. Thus, you get a provision wherein you can easily access the lock wherever and whenever you want, without a second thought! Also, this mechanism is very much compatible with the Android or iOS devices. Hence, you do not require to purchase anything extra just to access this lock. Not just that it gives you full encryption from unauthorized access, but at the same time, you get to fetch a provision wherein you can set some other features to keep a track of your luggage.


We shall better suggest you to purchase your AirBolt smart lock right from the official website. It comes in a range of prices, with different bundles altogether. 1 AirBolt usually costs $59.95. You may also go for a pack of (Buy 3 and Get 1 for free) at a cost of $179.85. Also, you can get 6 AirBolts altogether (Buy 4 and Get 2 for free) at a price of $239.80.

Purchasing 4 AirBolt shield cards (Buy 3 and Get 1 for free) at $104.85 or going for a pack of 6 AirBolt shield cards (Buy 4 and Get 2 for free) at $139.80. Also, you may purchase 2 AirBolt locks and 2 shield cards at a rate of $142.35 or go on purchasing 3 AirBolt locks with 3 shield cards at a price of $185.05 to fetch the most competitive deals.

Frequently asked questions about AirBolt Smart Lock:

  1. Is it possible for me to connect my AirBolt smart lock with the phone or do I need to buy a new smart phone altogether?

Well, modern day smart phones use Bluetooth 4.0 and above. AirBolt smart lock gives an access to connect smart phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and up. Hence, it should not be an issue for you to connect either your Android or iOS device with the smart lock system.

  1. Do you need to purchase the AirBolt application? 

No, you do not require to invest any extra money on purchasing the AirBolt smart lock. You can easily fetch it at free of cost either from the Google Play store or iOS app store.

  1. How would I access my luggage without the smart phone?

This question arises only when you end up losing the smart phone. Well, if that’s the case with you, one can still access the luggage without any complication simply by signing into the application from some other smart phone by putting in the right credentials. You can change the privacy settings right from there.

Final thoughts: 

It is an absolutely sturdy and reliable product that is easy to carry too! It ensures the utmost safety for your belongings of luggage. Not just that this AirBolt smart lock comes with some stunning features, but at the same time, it makes sure that there is no compromise in terms of quality and security provision of this device. Hence, if you are still in a doubt and is thinking whether to buy one, you should definitely give it a try! I promise you would not neglect trips ever again once you have this with you!

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