8 Bathroom Design Trends That Are Hot In 2023

Surya Yadav

The modern bathroom has evolved to prioritize health, wellness, and relaxation. It reflects the very essence of what a home is supposed to do and be. As people everywhere look to make their homes better, it’s no surprise that new bathroom ideas are constantly popping up and spreading. Chicago, famous for its unique architecture and design, is understandably a major focal point in this spread.

From bungalows to greystones and courtyard buildings to two-flats, there’s so much variety in home exteriors in Chicago, to say nothing of other cities and states. If their exteriors can be so varied and unique, why not bathroom interiors, too?

That’s why we’ll be covering the top bathroom design trends in 2023 in this article. With a little help from this list, you should have enough of an idea to get started on a bathroom remodel that’ll stun your guests. Let’s dive right into it.

  1. Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers have become a hallmark of modern bathroom design, offering a blend of style and functionality. They are known for their spacious and open design, which is particularly appealing in contemporary homes. 

The frameless glass enclosures are a key feature, providing a clean and unobstructed view that extends the visual space of the bathroom. This design not only looks elegant but also makes cleaning a breeze, which is a practical advantage. The minimalistic look of walk-in showers aligns well with a modern aesthetic that favors clean lines and uncluttered spaces. 

But the advantages don’t end there. 

Chicago is starting to face water shortage issues. The city plans to tap into Lake Michigan to meet the residents’ water demands. Fortunately, walk-in showers use less water than baths. By opting for these showers, you can play your part in water conservation. Contact a professional Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Company and get your renovation started today.

  1. The Spa-Inspired Aura

The trend of spa-inspired bathrooms continues to gain traction as homeowners now see their bathrooms as places to relax and rejuvenate. Such designs bring the calming and luxurious ambiance of a spa into the home. One key aspect of this trend is the inclusion of tranquility pools, which provide a calm water feature right within your bathroom.

Additionally, steam showers are being installed more frequently, offering a steam room experience that can help ease the stresses of the day. Heated floors add another layer of comfort, providing a warm surface to step onto, which is especially soothing during colder months. This design trend aims to create a daily retreat for homeowners, where the bathroom becomes a place of relaxation and comfort.

  1. Wooden Vanities

Wood vanities have made a comeback in modern bathrooms, combining traditional elegance with innovative functionality. They come in a number of different flavors. You have options ranging from oak to walnut to reclaimed wood, each bringing its unique texture and color to the space.

Unlike other materials, wood adds a warm feel to the bathroom, which is often much needed against the cool tones of tiles and metal fixtures. The modern designs of wood vanities now offer better functionality with smart storage solutions, allowing you to keep your space organized and clutter-free. They also give you a sturdy sink base and plenty of counter space for your essentials.

  1. Wellness and Sustainability at Core

Now that people are becoming more considerate of sustainability, bathroom design trends are also changing to follow suit. People are choosing eco-friendly fixtures and materials that are good for the planet. For instance, low-flow faucets and showerheads are becoming popular as they help conserve water. 

Similarly, people are opting for materials like bamboo or recycled glass which have a lower impact on the environment. This trend is not just about making the bathroom look good but also about promoting responsible choices. Modern bathroom designs are now focusing on wellness, too. For example, better ventilation systems or plants that help to purify the air are being incorporated in bathroom designs. 

These trends demonstrate a shift toward designing bathrooms that are not just practical and fashionable but also friendly to the environment and supportive of individual well-being.

  1. Vibrant Bathroom Accents

In 2023, vibrant accents in bathrooms are making a bold statement. They bring a refreshing change from the earlier monochrome styles, adding a lively touch to the bathroom space. Bold color choices and unique tile patterns are at the heart of this trend. They offer an easy way to showcase personality and break the monotony of traditional designs.

Earlier, single-color themes dominated the bathroom space. Now, the trend is shifting towards having eye-catching colors and patterns that breathe life into the space.

  1. Innovative Storage Solutions

In bustling cities, making the most out of available space is essential. Hence, smart storage solutions in bathrooms have become a popular trend. These storage options are not only sleek but also serve multiple purposes, making them a practical choice for modern homes.

For instance, floating vanities are now preferred as they provide a clean look while offering ample storage without consuming floor space. They also allow for easy cleaning underneath. Similarly, wall-mounted cabinets are also popular as they can be installed at eye level, making it convenient to access daily essentials. 

They also help in keeping the bathroom floor uncluttered. Additionally, built-in shelves are being incorporated within shower spaces or alongside mirrors to offer additional room for storing toiletries or decorative items. These creative storage options make it possible to neatly organize the bathroom while keeping it fashionable and roomy.

  1. Elegant Lighting Schemes

In recent years, lighting in bathrooms has moved beyond just enhancing visibility. Now, the focus is on creating a pleasant atmosphere with elegant lighting schemes. One popular approach is layered lighting, which combines task, accent, and ambient lights to achieve a well-lit and comforting space. Task lighting provides adequate illumination for activities like shaving or applying makeup. 

Accent lighting, on the other hand, highlights specific areas or features within the bathroom. Lastly, ambient lighting serves as the general light source that ties everything together, filling any illumination gaps. By smartly employing these different types of lighting, homeowners can enhance the functionality of their bathroom while also making it a more inviting space.

  1. Technologically Driven Amenities

Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing to equip their bathrooms with smart mirrors. These mirrors go beyond reflection; they can display the time, date, weather, and even your fitness stats. They make morning routines smoother and more informed. 

Additionally, digital showers are changing the way we view bathing. With just a tap on a control panel or a voice command, you can set the water streams to your desired temperature and flow rate. This eliminates the guesswork and the time spent adjusting knobs, making showers more enjoyable and efficient.


These 2023 bathroom design trends emphasize creating spaces that are visually appealing, environmentally responsible, and technologically advanced. Modern bathrooms are now evolving into personal havens that enhance daily routines and promote sustainability and ease of living through innovative designs and smart amenities.

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