3 Types of Metal You Can Bring to a Scrap Yard in Toronto

Surya Yadav

When it comes to metal recycling, understanding what types of materials can be recycled is key to making the most of this environmentally beneficial activity. Several types of metals are commonly accepted at scrap yards in Toronto, each with its unique properties and benefits. This guide will explore three significant types: aluminum, copper, and ferrous metals, focusing on their recycling benefits, potential value, and where you can find them.

Aluminum Recycling 

Aluminum is one of the most sought-after metals in metal recycling due to its versatility and widespread use. It is lightweight yet strong, making it an ideal choice for various applications, from soda cans to automotive parts. The foremost benefit of recycling aluminum is its efficiency; recycling aluminum uses just 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminum from ore, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Value of Recycled Aluminum

The value of recycled aluminum can vary, largely depending on the market demand and purity of the scrap. However, because of its extensive use in high-turnover consumer products, aluminum scrap remains consistently in demand, offering a worthwhile return at scrap yards.

Sources of Aluminum

You can find aluminum in everyday items such as:

  • Beverage cans
  • Food packaging
  • Automotive parts
  • Home and garden furniture

Properly sorting and cleaning aluminum materials can increase their value when you bring them to a scrap metal pickup.

Copper Recycling 

Copper stands out in the scrap metal industry due to its excellent conductivity and durability. It is a critical material in electrical wiring, plumbing, and industrial machinery. Copper recycling is immensely beneficial as it helps preserve copper resources and requires up to 85% less energy than its virgin mining and processing.

Value of Recycled Copper

Copper is among the most valuable scrap metals due to its usability and demand in high-tech 

and construction industries. Scrap yards often price copper higher than most other metals, reflecting its status and recyclability.

Sources of Copper

Copper can be sourced from:

  • Electrical wires
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Old electronics
  • Air conditioner units

Ensuring that copper is free from insulation and contaminants can significantly increase its scrap value.

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals, primarily composed of iron, are prevalent in the construction and automotive industries. These metals are magnetic and are known for their strength and durability. The recycling of ferrous metals is crucial as it reduces the need for iron ore extraction, thus saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Value of Recycled Ferrous Metals

While not as high-value per pound as non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper, ferrous metals are recycled in large quantities, which can cumulatively lead to significant earnings. They are continuously needed to produce new steel and iron products.

Sources of Ferrous Metals

Common sources include:

  • Automobiles
  • Steel beams
  • Large appliances like refrigerators and washers
  • Construction scrap

Sorting ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals can enhance the efficiency of the recycling process and potentially increase the payout from scrap yards.

Send Your Junk to Scrap Metal Yards in Toronto

Recycling metals like aluminum, copper, and ferrous metals not only supports the environment but also offers economic benefits through savings in energy and resources. By bringing these metals to a scrap yard in Toronto, you contribute to a sustainable future while potentially earning from materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Whether it’s through scrap metal pickup services or personal drop-off, participating in metal recycling initiatives is a proactive step towards environmental conservation and resource management.

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