3 Best Leather Ottomans for an Elegant Home Office

Surya Yadav

According to studies, over 40% of Americans work from home at least part of the time. If you belong to this cohort, you understand the need for a quiet, private space to conduct business, especially if you meet with clients. Enter the home office, a dedicated space for remote work! Of course, you’ll need to furnish it, preferably with items that can pull double duty while creating a professional atmosphere. A leather ottoman can do both — and even boost your comfort during the workday.

3 Leather Ottomans That Make a Great Impression

One of the best things about ottomans is their versatility. This lets you get more out of your furniture, especially in a small space where a sectional or oversized couch might feel crowded.

Why choose leather for your ottoman? First, leather is extremely durable, lasting years with the proper care. It’s also relatively easy to clean, as you can wipe off dust with a cloth. In contrast, upholstered furniture can hold onto dust and allergens, which may negatively impact the air quality in your home office.

Leather also softens with age, becoming more comfortable as you use it. Finally, leather is naturally stylish and comes in a wide variety of hues, ensuring you can match your office’s color palette.

What’s the best leather ottoman for your needs? Here are three high-quality models to suit every aesthetic.

1. Jarmo Ottoman

Ottomans make excellent coffee tables, especially when you decorate them with a tray. The Jarmo Ottoman takes it one step further by including a movable walnut table in its design. The ottoman is large enough that one or two people can easily use it for seating while utilizing the table, making it an excellent option for individuals who like to take lunch or coffee away from their desks.

This furniture also features non-scratch feet, ensuring you can move it across flooring without fear of scrapes. As a result, you can use it as an end table, coffee table, and footstool, all in one day.

2. Senja Storage Ottoman

If you have a small office, consider getting a leather ottoman that doubles as storage. This allows you to keep your space clutter-free without installing shelves or taking up space with drawers.

The Senjua Storage Ottoman is a great choice for this, as it’s completely hollow, providing plenty of room for extra office supplies, pillows, and blankets. The cognac-colored exterior is also gorgeous, and the tufted cushion is perfect for additional seating.

3. Mateo Ottoman

Last but not least, ottomans make excellent footrests. The Mateo Ottoman has a cushioned top, making it the perfect choice for kicking back. The wooden legs give it a chic appearance, while the Italian leather works for a variety of decor:

  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Contemporary

Due to its flat top, it also works well as a coffee table.

Top-Quality Furniture for Your Home Office

We hope this list helped you get started with your home office furniture. Many of these fit into mid-century modern or modern design aesthetics. Happy shopping!

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