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Raksha Bandhan is truly an overwhelming festival in India that shows the beauty of the bond of brothers and sisters. It is an occasion to surprise and express your affection to your siblings with amazing gifts. However, if your brother is an NRI and lives abroad, then here are some insanely stylish gifts that you can send to him. Therefore, go on along with the article to get some insights on these fashion gifts.

1] Leather Wallet

Men generally do not pay attention to their wallet and use them until it reaches their worst condition. Thus, sending a nice leather wallet to your brother on Raksha Bandhan will be a great Idea. Besides, the smooth leather finish of the wallet gives the wallet a classy and minimalist look. So, whenever your brother takes out this gifted wallet, it will leave a stylish impression of him on others.

2] Wristwatch

A wristwatch is another fabulous and stylish gift to send your NRI sibling. The intriguing designs and shape of the dial will be an addition to his style. Moreover, wearing a watch will define him as a punctual person, which will be great for his personality. Furthermore, wristwatches come with straps with different textures and materials, making them more fashionable to wear. So, you can choose this gift to surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan.

3] Exotic Perfume Set

When it comes to style, our body fragrances cannot be ignored because it is something that makes us more impressive and fashionable. Moreover, with this gift, you can also give him a rakhi that will make your gift sentimental. You can go to some trusted gift sites that will help you to send rakhi to Dubai, France, the UK, Australia, or other foreign countries. Besides, with their aromatic fragrances, they will make sure that your brother leaves a good impression on everyone.

4] Cool Sunglasses

Sunglasses can truly upscale your brother’s style and make him look more fashionable. Apart from this, choosing good sunglasses for him will protect his eye from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Moreover, sunglasses come in a wide range of frames and shades, so you can choose one according to your sibling’s preference. Therefore, sending your NRI sibling a pair of sunglasses will be a fabulous idea.

5] Customised Locket

Send your brother a customised locket that will elevate his style and make him look more handsome. The beautifully intertwined chains of the locket will ensure that your brother gets a dapper look wearing the locket. Moreover, get the locket customised with his initials or name on the pendant of the locket. This will make the gift more splendid to send him on Raksha Bandhan.

6] Trendy Sneakers

Your brother will definitely be going to love such a stylish gift because boys are die-hard fans of sneakers. The amazing designs and flamboyant colours of sneakers make them great to wear and look fashionable. Besides, there are also sneakers that are associated with some famous sports persons or celebrities. Thus, if you choose to send your NRI Sibling one of them, it will drive him crazy and make his Rakshan Bandhan exciting.

7] Gentleman’s Box

A gentleman’s box comes with a tie, cufflinks, lapel pin, and pocket square that are perfect to wear with suits. These items will make your brother more stylish and stand out from others taking his style to the next level. Moreover, wearing these accessories with suits makes him indeed attractive and a gentleman. Thus, it can be a stylish gift to send your sibling away from home.

8] Leather Crossbody Bag

This bag will not only be a stylish gift to send your NRI brother but will also be useful for him to carry his belongings. He can use the bag to carry to his college or office, and at the same time, it will give a stylish and fashionable look. Besides, you can choose bags with different textures, and one such is a leather bag that will be more suitable for your brother if he goes to the office.

9] Wireless Earphones

Nowadays, wireless earphones are in trend and have become a style statement, so you can also think of sending them as a gift. Besides, the wireless feature of these earphones will make it hassle-free for him to enjoy his favourite songs. Apart from these, wireless earphones come in different shapes and colours; thus, you can choose and send one according to your brother’s likes.

10] Personalised T-shirt

A personalised T-shirt will be another remarkable and fashionable gift to send your NRI brother. The thing that makes this gift phenomenal is you can get the T-shirt personalised with his picture or a message for him. Thus, wearing the T-shirt will make him stylish and trendy in fashion.

Wrap Up

These were some stylish gifts that you could send to your NRI brother to express your affection and make Raksha Bandhan cheerful. Moreover, you can send these gifts with something extra such as cakes, chocolate, or flowers, that will make the occasion more overwhelming for him. Furthermore, if you are confused about how to send your gift to your brother, then you can go on reputed gifts that can deliver it to him.

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