Who Replaced Pat McAfee On WWE SmackDown

Corey Graves was drafted over from Raw to sub in for Pat McAfee on SmackDown.

A beaming Michael Cole welcomed his old commentary partner back to blue brand business right at the top of the show, and it didn't take long before the pair were in a groove

Graves isn't anywhere near as energetic as McAfee, but he does have excellent chemistry with Cole.

It appears this will be the SmackDown duo going forwards for the foreseeable. Pat's new gig with ESPN means it's impossible for him to work WWE shows,

but there was a question mark hovering over the chair next to MC.

Booker T even put himself in the frame for an announcing return.

Corey will pull double duty by hosting Raw alongside Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton then working Friday nights too. All things considered, Graves was probably the most logical pick.

Cole is comfortable with him, and is likely looking forward to seeing what they can achieve without Vince McMahon screaming instructions down their headsets.

SmackDown's commentary continued that loose feel fans have adjusted to since Triple H took control.