‘Music Man’ Revival Will End Run On Jan1

An enormously popular Broadway revival of “The Music Man” will end its run on Jan.1, reflecting a decision by the producers not to recast after the departure of the show’s stars, Jackman & Foster.

The production began performances Dec. 20, so Jackman & Foster will have been in the show for a little more than a year once it closes.

And both of them have been working on the project for several years, because it was, like many other shows, delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We managed to get Hugh and Sutton until the first of January, which is a remarkable commitment, and I felt really strongly that they have created such a unique event between them,

trying to think of somebody who could follow on that became impossible,” Kate Horton, one of the lead producers, said in an interview. “This was its own particular magic.”

At the time of its closing, the revival will have played 358 regular and 46 preview performances, according to the production. Like many other shows,

it lost some performances to coronavirus cancellations, including during an ordinarily lucrative stretch over the holidays last December when both Jackman and Foster tested positive for the virus.