Megan Hilty Speaks Over Sister's Death

'Wicked' star Megan Hilty spoke out about the tragic deaths of her pregnant sister, brother-in-law and nephew in a floatplane crash over Labor Day weekend.

Megan took to her Instagram handle and wrote, "On Sunday afternoon, a small float plane crashed into Puget Sound off the coast of Whidbey Island. 

My beloved sister Lauren, brother-in-law Ross and baby nephew Remy were on that plane," in a lengthy Instagram post.

Further, she added, "To make this news even more devastating, my sister was eight months pregnant and we were expecting to welcome baby boy Luca into the world next month."

Hilty claimed that acknowledging the tragedy was the "last thing" she wanted to do, but because unreliable news sources made her feel that it was essential.

"It's come to my attention that several news outlets have misgendered my sweet nephew and some haven't even mentioned baby Luca," Hilty wrote.

"Lauren and Ross left behind my niece, who we all hold in our hearts. Thankfully, she was not on the plane..."

"It is important these details be corrected to respectfully honour everyone we've lost and the loved ones they've left behind," Hilty added.

In her final statement, the actor thanked her followers for their "outpouring of love and support" in the wake of the tragic accident.