Lamar Jackson Refused $250 M Extension

Lamar Jackson's self-imposed deadline to reach an agreement on a contract extension came & went, & with no deal in place, Ravens' superstar QB will play this season under his 5th-year option.

On Sunday, the negotiations before the Ravens opened their season against the New York Jets, when reports broke that Jackson turned down a $250M extension with $133M guaranteed.

"Lamar Jackson and the team both mutually agreed to put talks off until after the season. The reason why is because Lamar Jackson is acting as his own agent here. 

So, for all the hours this season that Lamar Jackson the agent was going to be upstairs trying to negotiate a deal for himself,

that takes away from the time that Lamar Jackson can spend preparing for each week's gameplan.

"The team did offer him higher guarantees than Kyler Murray got, than Russell Wilson just got — but, he wanted a fully-guaranteed contract just like Deshaun Watson got,

and the Baltimore Ravens were just not willing to do that. If they can't get a deal done after the season, then they plan to use the franchise tag."