Gisele Bündchen Skips Tom Brady's Game

The 45-year-old quarterback will make his return to the league for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' first game of the 2022-2023 season against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium without Bündchen.

Prior to the first snap, Bündchen tweeted, "Let's go @TomBrady ! Let's go Bucs ! "

On Thursday, a source with the Buccaneers told PEOPLE that there were no plans in place for the supermodel to attend the game.

"It's always a big thing when Gisele is coming to watch the game," with extra security and snacks for the family, but "as of right now, there's none of that for Sunday's game," they said.

"It feels very different this year than last year. She was excited to be here, we saw her around," the source added.

The insider went on to say they're staying away from bringing up Bündchen around the 7-time Super Bowl champion.

"Everyone here knows that there's tension, but we don't know how serious it is. So we're just not talking to him about Gisele. It's not a topic anyone wants to bring up to him."

A separate source previously told PEOPLE that Bündchen "wasn't thrilled" about Brady coming out of retirement.

"There's a lot of tension. She was so happy when he announced his retirement, and she wasn't thrilled at all when he went back on that."