Emmys 2022: Michael Keaton Wins Dopesick

Michael Keaton won the Emmy for best actor in a limited series on Monday, adding a top prize for “Dopesick,” the acclaimed Hulu series that

tells the story of the Sackler family, Purdue Pharma, and OxyContin’s role in kick-starting America’s opioid crisis.

The series, adapted from the 2018 book by Beth Macy, earned 14 Emmy nominations, including one for best limited series, a category in which it will face off with “The White Lotus” later Monday. 

Coming into the evening, it had already won one Emmy for cinematography. The show also got five nominations in acting categories.

Keaton, who was a favorite to win his category, stars as a doctor who was among those sold on prescribing OxyContin to his suffering patients in Appalachia.

After doing so, he can only watch as one patient after another — including an injured young coal miner — becomes addicted.

Despite getting significantly less publicity than some other series in its category, “Dopesick” did well during awards season.

“My face hurts so much from all the fake smiling I’ve been doing,” he joked from the stage after winning.

Then, he became slightly more serious: “This is one of the special projects I’ve ever worked on. It means something.”