Elderly Fan Attacks Referee, Game Paused

High school football is different in the South. The passion and emotion behind a game played with a lemon-shaped ball on a gridiron is turned up a notch.

Friday’s night in small-town Arkansas is the perfect example. Things got weird in a hurry.

Well, sometimes that desire to bring your team home to victory goes just a little bit too far. Or a lot a bit too far, as was the case on Friday.

As the first half came to a close on a one-possession ball game, a fan took issue with how the referee was calling the game.

He ran out onto the field and charged the official, trying to get his hands on the man in stripes. Fortunately, the fan was stopped before he could unleash his wrath on the referee.

After the first man (who everybody in the town probably knows by name) was pulled away from the field, you can hear him say “I’d like to knock the hell out of him!”

And then a few others got into the mix. They gave the officiating crew a piece of their mind before things were broken up.