Avatar Stars Hold Hands On Stage At D23

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to premiere this December, 13 years after the original film. And the cast of the epic science-fiction movie, directed by James Cameron, reunited at D23 expo.

Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington were among the actors who took to the stage, and the friends and co-stars held hands as they unveiled new footage from the film.

The pair were joined by Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang as well as new stars Jack Champion and Baily Bass and the producer Jon Landau. 

Audience members were then treated to six new scenes from the movie, with onlookers marvelling at the visual effects. 

Director James had to join his incredible cast via video call due to working on the film in New Zealand.

He said: 'It's going great and the stuff coming in from Weta is looking spectacular. 'I'm super excited to be finally finishing up movie 2. I know everyone's been waiting a long time.

'Hopefully, we'll show something today and you can decide if it's been worth it.' Meanwhile Sam, who played Jake Sully in the first film, added: 'The whole movie deals with protecting family.