Warm temperatures in Chicago for APA; meterologists flummoxed

This just in, from the AP (Associated Philosophers) news:

Weather in Chicago for the upcoming APA this Wed. through Saturday (Feb. 18-21) is expected to be unseasonably warm. When asked to comment, local meteorologists were at a loss for an explanation. “Some of us have developed an hypothesis we call the KVANVIG EFFECT,” said one. “We figure it is yet another occasion when Jon Kvanvig made a doom-and-gloom prediction that failed to materialize. To date this effect had been previously acknowledged only in the domains of philosophy of religion and epistemology, where it is pervasive, but with Jon getting into meteorology, we think it is a reasonable hypothesis that the effect explains the warming patterns.” Professor Kvanvig was not immediately available for comment.


Warm temperatures in Chicago for APA; meterologists flummoxed — 5 Comments

  1. Cute, Sandy! In light of the above, however, you might be interested in my most recent doom-and-gloom prediction, which I will share in spite of an aversion to being available for comment to *journalists*: the world of philosophy will suffer a prolonged fascination with externalism, both semantic and epistemic! Knowing you, I suspect the possibility of confusion on basic facts here. To such an inclination, we must needs go Biblical: we have sung dirges, and you have not shown sorrow.

    Here’s to the Kvanvig effect!

  2. It might be worth noting how contextual the term ‘warm’ is here. It’s like me visiting a kindergarten class and declaring myself tall! Highs in the 30’s doesn’t strike me as warm, but then again I just rode 25 miles in 70-degree temperature… And it is worth repeating that the APA *could have met in places that really are warm in February*!!!!

  3. this just in:
    the meteorologist on a local tv channel says that, for tomorrow, the weather will be… a “cool”… 62 degrees. Versus an “unseasonably warm” Chicago temp of 23 degrees. With the same contextual variability in terminology, all my views would be immune to objection!

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