Update for Epistemology: The Third Brazil Conference

Recently (8 March), I posted a notice for Epistemology: The Third Brazil Conference, to be held in early June at PUCRS in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This new notice isĀ an update, to let you know of two additional speakers for the conference — Fred Adams (Delaware) and Tom Kelly (Princeton). So this is now the gathering of speakers:

Fred Adams (Delaware)
Jonathan Adler (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Heather Battaly (CSU, Fullerton)
Anthony Brueckner (UCSB)
David Christensen (Brown)
Stewart Cohen (Arizona)
Claudio de Almeida (PUCRS)
Paulo Faria (UFRGS)
Richard Fumerton (Iowa)
Alvin Goldman (Rutgers)
Vincent Hendricks (Copenhagen)
Stephen Hetherington (UNSW)
Tom Kelly (Princeton)
Peter Klein (Rutgers)
Saul Kripke (CUNY)
Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern)
William Lycan (UNC, Chapel Hill)
Baron Reed (Northwestern)
Ernest Sosa (Rutgers)

For further details of thisĀ enticing conference, please see the original posting.

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