AAMAS 2009 and ICJAI 2009

Keen to connect your work on logic, probability, and decision making (a.k.a. Formal Epistemology) to computer scientists’ work on logic, probability, and decision making (a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence)? Then consider two upcoming conferences.

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) is the main conference for researchers in Multi-Agent systems. Hybrid modal logics and game theoretic approaches remain dominant, and there is growing interest in critical, analytical papers evaluating various systems against their stated objectives (a.k.a. philosophical logic papers). AAMAS 2009 will be in Budapest, May 10-19, 2009. There is also a multi-agent systems summer school that usually is co-located with AAMAS. (The 2008 summer school was held at my faculty and organized by my office mate, Joao Leite.)

International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI 2009) is one of the premier international conferences in AI. The CfP states that the theme for (IJCAI 2009), which is to be held July 11-17, 2009, in Pasadena, CA, is ‘The Interdisciplinary Reach of Artificial Intelligence’. That reach includes the humanities and social sciences.


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