Anyone know why some trackbacks appear on the blog, but the vast majority never appear? I can find discussion of posts from here in quite a few places, but most never show up…

UPDATE: I thought about deleting this post, because I figured things out. Actually, I remembered: I disabled trackbacks! I did it to prevent spamming entities from getting access to the site by referencing our posts. I’ve always thought I wasn’t very good at remembering things, and this post is documented evidence for posterity (or whatever is the lifespan in cyberspace) of that fact…


Trackbacks? — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, and then I remembered about disabling them… Notice that I commented after you on “new stuff” and it got listed before yours (because of the time difference). I’ve got to figure out how to stop that too…

    In any case, after recalling disabling trackbacks, there’s no reason to weight them at all in the “most popular” ranking.

    The problem with “most read” is that I need a stat package in place that has tracked access to the site from the beginning. I had one for the last version of WordPress and it worked great (it missed the first month or so of traffic, but that wasn’t much). Now with the new version, I’m installing AWStat, which is a great package, but I think I’ll only have data from the point at which installation is complete. So I won’t have data for all the posts.

    The idea, then, of creating a separate “most read” page is that I’ll change it to “oldies but goodies” when the new stat package goes to work.

  2. Jon: We must have crossed: I just posted a comment on the “New Stuff” post on trackbacks. To continue that comment a bit, I think it’s not enough that another blogger discusses & links to a CD entry. I think they have to list it as a “trackback” — as contributors to CD can trackback to other posts by entering the right URL in the “trackback” field when you post an item. But most of our posts say “Pinging is currently not allowed.” This can be changed by checking “allow pinging” when you post an item. Then instead of saying “pinging is currently not allowed,” the item says in the upper right corner box that readers can leave trackbacks (see my most recent post on Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, which I’ve just edited by checking the “allow pinging”). But I don’t know if even that works. On other sites, like “Fake Barn Country,” when you click on “trackbacks” at the bottom of a post, a little box pops up saying where to leave trackbacks. But when one clicks on “trackbacks” on our posts, nothing like that happens.

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