Tim Cook: Apple CEO and friend of the a priori

Brian Williams: What’s the role of intuition in your job?

Tim Cook: It’s critical. It’s extremely critical. The most important things in life, whether they’re personal or professional, are decided on intuition. I think you can have a lot of information and data feeding that intuition. You can do a lot of analysis. You can do lots of things that are quantitative in nature. But at the end of it, the things that are most important are always gut calls. And I think that’s just not true for me, but for many, many people. I don’t think it’s unique.

Brian Williams: Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

Cook {reaches into his bag and hands Williams a worn out copy of some book}: It’s all in here, man.


Okay, okay, I made up the last exchange. But the rest is legit.

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