The Review of Symbolic Logic

Some very exciting news: The Association for Symbolic Logic is starting a new journal, The Review of Symbolic Logic, which will begin publication in June 2008. The RSL will join The Journal of Symbolic Logic and The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic as the 3rd official organ of the ASL, succeeding The Journal of Philosophical Logic. RSL will publish research papers in all areas of philosophical logic, including formal epistemology, computer science, game theory, AI, and cognitive science; history of philosophy of logic, including the history of analytic philosophy; and philosophy of mathematics, including methodological studies in mathematics, past and present.

The Editors of RSL:
Aldo Antonelli, Coordinating Editor.
Horacio Arló-Costa
Patrick Blackburn
Paolo Mancosu
Ian Proops
Greg Restall
Albert Visser
Richard Zach

Advisory Board:
Jeremy Avigad
Harty Field
Kit Fine
Michael Friedman
John MacFarlane
Ruth Barcan Marcus
D. A. Martin
Ulrike Sattler
James Tappenden
Alasdair Urquhart
Michiel van Lambalgen
Mark Wilson
Crispin Wright

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