The Reasoner vol. 1, no. 2

The second issue of The Reasoner is up. This volume includes:

David Lagnado, “Causal models in cognition”.
Barry Hartley Slater, “Probability and logic”.
Amit Pundik, “R v Adams and the conclusiveness of DNA evidence”.
Hock Lai Ho, “Epistemic basis of legal fact-finding”.
Laurence Goldstein, “Why the substitution of co-referential expressions in a statement may result in change of truth-value (2 of 2)”.
Alan Baker, “A counter on counterpossibilities”; Reply to Brogaard and Salerno, vol.1 no.1.
David Corfield, “Pluralism about the justification of learning algorithms”.
Jean-Francois Bonnefon and Gaelle Villejoubert: “The wings are not on fire: How to turn contraposition upside down”.

Also, news on the FotFOS conference in Amsterdam and the Methodological Problems in the Social Sciences workshop in Tilburg.

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