The Reasoner, vol. 1 no. 3

The new issue of The Reasoner is up.

Jesse Steinberg, “Pierre may be ignorant, but he’s not irrational”.
Gerald K. Harrison, “Free Will and Lucky Decisions”.
Amit Pundik, “United States v. Shonubi: Statistical evidence and ‘The Same Course of Conduct’ rule”.
Berit Brogaard and Joe Salerno, “Williamson on counterpossibles”.
David Corfield, “Mathematical blogging”.
Stephen Fogdall, “Does direct inference require Pollock’s Principle of Agreement?”.
William L. Abler, “The Pirahã language, the language template, and the mind”.

Conference reports on Evidence in Medical Decision-Making and Contingency in Science: Its Origins and Outcomes, both held at the LSE, London, and also on The Formal Epistemology Workshop held at CMU, Pittsburgh.

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