The Philosophy Job Market for this coming year

Just a quick “professional issues” post to call attention, for those who might have missed it, to this perceptive blog post from about a week ago by Brian Leiter. In it, Leiter warns those who might be going on the philosophy job market (and those who advise such students should take notice, too) that the job market is likely to be very tight this coming year (and perhaps for longer than that), and gives some advice about how to handle that situation. I myself have given up trying to predict what the philosophy job market will be like from year to year, but, for the reasons Brian gives, the possibility that it will be extra rough this year seems strong enough that it’s a good thing to get people thinking about how to rationally respond.

Incidentally, I note that on the APA chart [pdf link] on candidates per job for the various years that Brian links to, my own going on the job market was extremely well-timed: My year, 89-90, was the most candidate-friendly year in a *long* stretch of years both preceding and following it. No wonder I found work!

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