The Philosophical Review Lives!

I would usually comment here about an issue of a journal coming out only if it contained some epistemology that I wanted to draw to people’s attention. But I’m making an exception, because the Philosophical Review is my favorite philosophy journal, and there was reason to worry that it had ceased to exist: The last time an issue had come out was 16 months ago, and that last one was the Janurary 2004 issue, so PR was about 2 years behind schedule. But the April 2004 issue was in my mailbox when I got in to work this morning.

And now that I’ve just looked up the journal’s web page to link to it, I see that they are planning to come out with quite a few more issues in the very near future, which will essentially bring them up to date: see this publication schedule. So the journal appears to be not only still alive, but perhaps alive and well. (Though I’m not sure what I think about the part about PR soon to be “sporting a redesigned cover in Cornell red.” Those light blue (sky blue, perhaps?) covers go way back, don’t they? Couldn’t Cornell University just change their school color to “Phil Review blue,” and accomplish the match that way?)

Update 3/8/06: We’re well into March now, and I haven’t received or seen either of the two issues that were supposed to be still coming out in February, so Fritz (see his comment below) seems to have been right to be suspicious about the publication schedule. Meanwhile, Matt Weiner reports that he just received a copyedited version of his paper, “Must We Know What We Say,” which he is supposed to correct. Matt’s paper is supposed to be in one of the issues that’s to come out this month, according to the schedule. So, on the bright side, it looks like these issues are coming along. But it’s looking quite doubtful that they’ll all be out by the end of this month.


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  1. I’ll believe this publication schedule when the issues arrive, and maybe not even then. Among other things, nomination for the philosopher’s annual are hurt by the Phil Review publication schedule.

    I’m less militant about the prospects for a color change. The red might be a nice change. Of course, we might never know, because the change to red is, what, 6 issues away?

  2. Agreed that, for a variety of reasons, it’s bad for the journal to get this far behind. I don’t know about the Philosopher’s Annual. I think if papers come out very late, they’re just eligible in the year they actually come out, rather than in the year printed on the cover. I know I had a Phil Review in a “2002” issue (at least going by the date on the cover) that actually came out in 2003, too late to make the 02 Annual, but it did make the 03 Annual. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if the delay makes it less likely that a paper will be thought of for the relevant year by Annual nominators. On the proposed publication schedule: Two more issues are supposed to be coming out this month — and this month doesn’t have much time left in it. Still, they have in the past bombed us with 3 issues at a time (follow the link above to a TAR post), so who knows? At any rate, if they even come fairly close to the schedule, they’ll fairly soon be essentially up-to-date. So let’s hope for the best…

  3. April now, and I haven’t seen any of the 6 issues that, by the pub schedule, were supposed to be out by the end of March. (Though, for all I know, they’ve been mailed & just haven’t arrived yet.)

  4. Another update (for the benefit of non-subscribers; other subscribers have no doubt received the same information I have): My subscription renewal letter (8 May 2006) contains the following info:

    All four vol. 114 issues are already in production, and we expect them all to be out by July. Therefore, I’m also enclosing a renewal form for vol. 115, which you can send directly to DUP [Duke University Press]. As you’ll see, the price for a type R subsciption is going down with vol. 115 (to $33), and your subscription will get you simultaneous access to an online version of the journal (through High Wire Press). We’re very excited about the move to DUP — it provides better value to our readers and the journal will be published on time again!

  5. This will teach you to doubt me, oh skeptical one….

    On the bright side, it seems that some quite interesting papers are appearing in the, ahem, soon to be published issues (upcoming? approaching?). It will be a nice burst of hopefully high quality reading material.

  6. Hey, Fritz: I thought you were being the skeptical one: “I’ll believe this publication schedule when the issues arrive, and maybe not even then”! Appropriate skepticism perhaps, but skepticism nonetheless.

  7. Some of us like the paper copies Keith. And we pay for them too. I’ll believe they are here when I have them in my hands. And maybe not even then (the skepticism returns).

    Actually — I looked over the electronic releases: some good stuff.

  8. My Jan. 2005 issue was in my mailbox this morning, and Oct. 2004 arrived not that long ago, so these issues seem to be coming out quickly in paper now.

    As I said above in #10, I consider all the issues thru April 2006 to be out now already, since they’re all available in their final form on the web site.

    I would consider all the papers in the several issues that recently became available on-line to be actually published in 06 and therefore to be eligible for the 2006 Philosopher’s Annual — except that now the Philosopher’s Annual seems not be operating any more!

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