The Philosopher’s Annual Appears to Have Died

I thought it was worth observing the apparent passing of The Philosopher’s Annual (website here). The PA described its mission as follows:

Our attempt each year in The Philosopher’s Annual is as simple to state as it is admittedly impossible to fulfill: to select the ten best articles published in philosophy the previous year.

The PA‘s run began with papers from the year 1978 in vol. 1, and appears to have ended with vol. 26, which was for papers from the year 2003.

I was on the Nominating Board at the end of that run. If I’m recalling correctly, I submitted nominations only one time. And if I’m remembering right, an e-mail went out to the nominators in fairly early 2005, asking for nominations for papers published in 2004, but no selections were ever announced for that year, and nominations weren’t even solicited in 2006 for the literature from 2005.

Those interested can see the lists of papers that appeared in the PA at the website, following the links for “CURRENT VOLUME” and “PAST VOLUMES.”

To make this post relevant to this epistemology blog, I’ll list, below the fold, the epistemology papers that appeared in PA.

Well, it’s not always easy to classify papers into areas like epistemology, but these papers seem to be at least as much in epistemology as any other area:

Clark Glymour: The Epistemology of Geometry, 1978
Abner Shimony: Is Oberservation Theory-Laden? A Problem in Naturalistic Epistemology, 1978
Alan R. White: Knowledge Without Conviction, 1978
Peter Achinstein: Concepts of Evidence, 1979
Philip Kitcher: A Priori Knowledge, 1981
Bas van Fraassen: Belief and the Will, 1984
Tamara Horowitz: A Priori Truth, 1985
Patrick Maher: Diachronic Rationality, 1992
Keith DeRose: Solving the Skeptical Problem, 1995
David Lewis: Elusive Knowledge, 1996
Jelle Gerbrandy and Willem Groeneveld: Reasoning about Information Change, 1997
Tyler Burge: Reason and the First Person, 1998
Tyler Burge: Frege on Apriority, 2000
James Pryor: The Skeptic and the Dogmatist, 2000
Elliott Sober: Evolution and the Problem of Other Minds, 2000
Joel Pust: Against Explanationist Skepticism Regarding Philosophical Intuitions, 2001
Jason Stanley & Timothy Williams: Knowing How, 2001
John Hawthorne: Deeply Contingent A Priori Knowledge, 2002
Tyler Burge: Perceptual Entitlement, 2003
Keith DeRose: Assertion, Knowledge and Context, 2003


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