The New Philosophical Perspectives is Out

And it is on epistemology. Contents below the fold (with CD-ers in bold), and here’s Blackwell’s link.

“Doubt, Circularity and the Moorean Response to the Sceptic,” Jessica Brown
“Pluralistic Skepticism: Advertisement for Speech Act Pluralism,” Herman Cappelen
“Epistemic Overdetermination and A Priori Justification,” Albert Casullo
“We Are (Almost) All Externalists Now,” Juan Comesaña
“I Can’t Believe I’m Stupid,” Andy Egan, Adam Elga
“Respecting the Evidence ,” Richard Feldman
“Speckled Hens and Objects of Acquaintance ,” Richard Fumerton
“Scotching Dutch Books?” Alan Hájek
“How Probabilities Reflect Evidence ,” James M. Joyce
“Moorean Facts and Belief Revision, or Can the Skeptic Win? ,” Thomas Kelly
“Enough is Enough: Pretense and Invariance in the Semantics of “knows that” ,” Krista Lawlor
“Perceptual Belief and Nonexperiential Looks ,” Jack Lyons
“The Epistemological Argument for Content Externalism ,” Brad Majors, Sarah Sawyer
“Three Proposals Regarding a Theory of Chance ,” Christopher J. G. Meacham
“Vision, Knowledge, and the Mystery Link ,” John L. Pollock, Iris Oved
“Content Ascriptions and the Reversibility Constraint ,” Richard Price
“Deception and Evidence,” Nicholas Silins
“Knowledge from Falsehood ,” Ted A. Warfield
“Can We Do Without Pragmatic Encroachment?” Brian Weatherson
“Epistemic Permissiveness ,” Roger White


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